InsightSquared Conversational Intelligence allows you to share a snippet of a call with your teammates!

Sharing a snippet of a call allows you to highlight a particular part of a call and draw special attention to it with your team.

Selecting a Clip / Snippet

To select the clip you wish to share, click on the playback panel, hold down your mouse and drag over the part of the call that you would like to forward to your teammates or externally.

There are four ways to share the snippet :

  • Slack (share with Teammates)

  • Add to Playlist (share with Teammates)

  • Shareable link (share with anyone)

  • Email (share with anyone)

Sharing with Teammates


When you share a snippet with your teammates, we recommend using Slack.

Once you select the snippet of the call, click the icon for Slack share like you see below. You will be able to share the snippet with particular members or to a whole Slack channel!

Important note: If the teammate you are sharing with does not have Slack, the snippet will be sent via email.

Adding a Snippet to a Playlist

You can collect snippets and sort them into playlists to review them with your team.

Sharing with Someone Outside of InsightSquared

You can also share snippets to people who are not using InsightSquared by using a Shareable link or via Email. This method will work with your teammates too if you choose not to use the methods above.

Shareable link

You can generate a shareable link and choose the duration before the link expires.

Click the share button and the link will be auto-generated. Set the "Expire Link in" duration to 1 day, 1 month, 3 months, 1 year, or Never.

Once the link has been generated, you can copy and paste the link to share it; anyone with access to the link can view the snippet until the link expires.


Click the share button, then enter the email addresses of the recipients with which you want to share the snippet, you can also include a note. Click "Send".

The snippet link will be emailed to the selected recipients for viewing.

If you run into any issues, please contact support.

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