The InsightSquared Platform's Slack integration provides the ability to send Action prompts via Slack. The immediate Action notifications through your organization's main communication hub will increase the efficiency in which assignees are prompted and improve workflow by streamlining communication in one place. Convenient, eh?

Action prompts in Slack will notify the user(s) assigned to an action and provide single-click access to opening and completing actions in the Platform. For more about configuring actions, check out these articles.

Enabling the Slack Integration

Steps 1-3 allow Admins to enable the Slack integration to the entire organization, Step 4 allows users to enable Slack in their own instance.

1. Click here, or select Applications from the dropdown in the left nav

2. Search for "Slack" and click Add on the Slack app

3. Go to Slack settings by clicking here, or by navigating to the slack icon in Apps and click in the Slack box. Click enable.

4. Users can now enable to their own instance by clicking here or by selecting My Profile in the left nav menu, then selecting the enable button next to under "Integrations".

Turning on Slack Notifications for an Action

To turn on notifications from the Platform to Slack for an Action:

While configuring an action audience, in the Send notifications to users dropdown, select immediately. Don't forget to click Save!

If you run into any issues please contact support.

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