If you're not already best friends with Activity by Day, allow me to introduce you. Top Sales Managers use Pipeline reviews to improve the quality and predictability of their funnel, and Activity by Day can add so much value to your own review.

Here are ten ways Activity by Day can give you inspection superpowers:

  1. Review rep engagement with new leads to ensure your team is running the right plays from the start.
  2. Inspect rep engagement to determine if prospects are reciprocating engagement with the rep.
  3. Discover if reps are over-investing in under-qualified opportunities.
  4. Drilldown into the details of opps with declining engagement.
  5. Find deals that have pushed multiple times and discover why.
  6. See if your reps are engaged with the right contacts and the right level.
  7. Determine best practices based on positive results to help coach reps for success.
  8. How did you execute your new opp playbook, and did you get the meeting?
  9. Inspect pushed opps and determine if you really lost them completely.
  10. Examine why an opp has stalled, drill down to find out if you have bigger problems.

Now that you're excited about improving your funnel, let's deep dive into two examples.

Watch how quickly you can go from inspecting opps with decreased amounts to their recent engagement level and into the detailed activity related to that opp.

Using Activity by Day in your Pipeline Review

Let's set the scene: you're a manager running a pipeline review for your team (ensure your team is selected in the hierarchy), you're checking out the pipeline, you've filtered down to this quarter. Now, you could scroll through and check out the Activity by Day for each opportunity and try to discover how engagement correlates to the success or challenges of an opp OR you can choose your focus and allow the Platform to do the work for you. Movement and Progression views can pinpoint opps that need attention, provide you with data on those opps, and, combined with Activity by Day, allow you to easily discern how engagement has affected the progression of opportunities, bringing attention to areas that need it, and helping you coach your reps for success.

Inspecting Opps with Decreased Amounts with Activity by Day & Movement

From your current Pipeline view (above scenario), click on the Movement tab.

Now you see a chart like the one above visualizing the movement of opps during this period; opps that increased/decreased in amount, new pipeline, pulled in closed dates, pushed closed dates, and closed lost. What do you want to give your attention to? Opps that have decreased in amount over the period should be a red flag for an opp in need of help. Simply click on the decreased amount flow (yellow) to instantly produce a list of those opps.

Now your attention is focused on an area that needs some coaching. So, how do we determine the cause of the decrease? Ensure that Activity by Day is toggled on to view the engagement level for each decreased opportunity. Here's what you see:

Does anything stand out to you? Looks like engagement with Microsoft fell off before February 15. Keep digging. Click on the Microsoft logo to open the details view you see below, then click on the Activity tab. You can review the activity before the dropoff and keep scrolling to see the activity immediately before the deal decreased to get a clear picture of what's been happening. Click on the details tab to learn even more about the opportunity.

Armed with this information, you can now move on to next steps, maybe that's contacting the opportunity owner to ask more questions and go over the details that lead to the amount decrease. You don't even have to leave this screen to do that! Click on the three dots to the right of the opportunity name to produce a list of instant action options and select "Email Opportunity Owner". An email template will automatically populate with the Opp Owner's email address entered, a subject line denoting the opp name, a link to the opp in the body, and ready for you to type your message and send.

You've gone from your pipeline view to determining an opp in trouble and facilitating a coaching session with your rep, armed with information, with six clicks of a mouse. Let me say that again, all of that in SIX clicks of a mouse. You didn't have to wait on someone to send you their data, your rep didn't have to recount all the steps they've taken over the last six weeks, all you had to do...was click.

Inspecting Stalled New Business Opps with Activity by Day & Progression View

Let's do it all again, but this time our focus will be on stage progression.

From your current screen, click on the Progression tab. Let's narrow it down even further and add a Type filter (click the + button next to the current filters) and only select new business. Now your chart will show stage progression of new business deals over the period.

Now you see a chart like the one above visualizing the progression of new business opps through your established stages during this period; Opps that have closed-won, closed-lost, or had no movement between stages. What do you want to give your attention to? Opps with no movement between certain stages should be a red flag. Simply click on the no-movement flow (yellow) coming out of the stage in your process you want to dig into to instantly produce a list of those opps. (For example, I could select the yellow, no movement flow coming out of the demo stage for opps that haven't progressed to scope.)

Now your attention is focused on an area that needs further investigation. So, how do we determine why the deal has stalled? We do the same inspection we did in the Movement view above, we're just digging into opps that have stalled in progression rather than decreasing in amount.

Every situation will be different. Maybe you inspect deal progression against engagement level shown by Activity by Dat to determine trends in relation to engagement vs progression to establish best practices and coach reps on what to look out for. Movement and Progression are great tools on their own, but combined with Activity by Day they become 10 times more valuable.

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