The Contact Engagement Dashboard has been created and configured for you right out of the box, so your Marketers, First Line Managers, and Reps have a built-in dashboard based on best practices, utilizing your data.

About the Contact Engagement Dashboard

What data is included? Contacts

Who should use it? Marketers, First Line Managers (SDR, AE), Reps

When to use it? Weekly to ensure good Contact engagement

Why use it?

  • Provides a way to quickly review whether any given rep or team is doing a good job engaging with their contacts and if they are getting enough meetings and engagement from key contacts.
  • Ensures that Reps are building good relationships.
  • Visualizes the level of engagement within a set of contacts.

Deployment Considerations & Best Practices

  • Know if the customer uses a sales engagement or marketing automation system, what data does that system create? (I.e. β€œOutreach Sequence Status, or β€œMarketo Last Interesting Moment”... these can be excellent filters for engagement
  • If there are SLA’s, consider adding SLA cards for new contacts or time to first touch

Usage by Persona

For First Line Managers and Reps

When: Daily/Weekly

How: During a 1:1. Manager to filter this Dashboard for the specific Rep using the Hierarchy selector

What would you do: Review contact engagement and meetings, if there are significant declines week over week, talk to the rep about strategies to keep on top of their territory.

For Marketers

When: Daily

How: Filter to a top campaign or territory/manager

What would you do: Stay on top of whether sales teams are engaging with contacts being produced by your top campaigns, or business segments. If there are declines or increases week over week, follow up with sales management.

Pre-req Training

Copying and Editing Cards

Our out-of-the-box dashboards are a collection of recommended cards based on best practices. However, you may discover you'd like additional cards with similar data. Instead of creating new cards from scratch, it's good to know how to copy a card that's close to what you want and make small changes.

For example, you may love that cards already exist for Contacts Touched Yesterday, Last Week, and Last Month, but have a need for a Contacts Touched in the Last Two Weeks card. Instead of creating a card from the ground up, you could copy Contacts Touched Last Week and simply adjust the date range from last one week to last two weeks, saving yourself time without sacrificing getting the data you need.

To copy and edit a card:

  1. Click the three dots in the top corner of the existing card to edit and select edit.
  2. Select Copy, then close the card editor. A copy of this card has been created in your card definition management page with the same title followed by COPY (e.g. Original Card Title COPY).
  3. Click the Add Card button.
  4. Find and select the copied card (e.g. Original Card Title COPY), this will add the copied card that you can now edit.
  5. Select the three dots in the top corner of the copied card and select edit.
  6. Rename the card to best suit the new card you want to create (this will be the title of your new, adjusted card).
  7. Make all desired adjustments (check out Created & Editing Cards if you need assistance in making data changes).
  8. Click SAVE. You have replaced the copy with a new, adjusted card! This card is now available with the adjustments and new title in your card definition management page for future use.


Copying a card and editing the COPY are essential steps in creating a new/adjusted card, failure to do so could result in unwanted changes to an existing card.

The Contact Engagement Dashboard

Monthly Focused Version

Row 1: What has contact engagement looked like in the last month?β€ˆHow is it shaping up compared to last?β€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆ

  • Contacts Touched Yesterday (headline)
  • Contacts Touched This Week (headline)
  • Contacts Touched Last Week (headline)
  • Contacts Touched Last 30 days (headline)

Row 2: How responsive have contacts been this week? Where are we lacking responses and why?

  • Contacts Responded Yesterday (headline)
  • Contacts Responded This Week (headline)
  • New Contacts Today (headline)

Row 3: Has engagement lead to meetings? Drilldown into the relationship between engagement level and follow-up.

  • Initial Meetings Booked by Rep (horizontal bar)
  • Followup Meetings Booked by Rep (horizontal bar)β€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆ

Row 4: Are we booking enough meetings? How many?

  • Number of Meetings Last Week (headline)
  • Number of Meetings Completed This Week (headline)
  • Number of Meetings Upcoming This Week (headline)
  • Number of Meetings Upcoming Next Week (headline)

Row 5: Are reps staying on top of their assigned contacts?β€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆβ€ˆ

  • Number of Contacts by Rep by Last Touch Date per Month (horizontal bar)

How did we build this dashboard template for you?

The Lead Engagement Dashboard has been created for you out of the box using the configurations listed below. We love being able to provide this Dashboard out of the box and ready to use, but it's always good to know what data you're working with when you hit the ground running.

Dashboard Configuration

Base Template: Generic Contact Insight

Content Type: Contact

Filters: Account Type, Contact Owner Name, Account Owner Name, Campaign Names

Default Filters on Report Drills

The following filters are included in these OOTB cards and we want to be sure you know why we've included them and what questions they can answer when reviewing your reports. You can learn more about interactive filters here.

  • Account Name: What account is associated with this/these Contact(s)?
  • Role: What role does the Contact hold at their organization?
  • Title: What is the Contact's title in their organization?
  • Phone: Contact's phone number
  • Last Touch Date: When was the last time contact was made with the Contact?
  • Last Inbound Touch Date: When was the last time the Contact was heard from?
  • Last Meeting Date: When was the last meeting with the Contact?
  • Last Meeting Subject: What was the subject of the last meeting?
  • Next Meeting Date: When is the next meeting scheduled?
  • Next Meeting Subject: What is the subject of the next scheduled meeting?
  • Owner: Who is the Contact owner?

To learn more about our Dashboards in general, click here.

If you run into any issues, please contact support.

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