Our team hit the ground running in 2021 and already has a lot to show for it! Check out all the releases, improvements, and fixes that have rolled out — helping to take your Revenue Intelligence game to the next level.

The biggest things you should know...

Activity by Day

Activity by Day, aka your new best friend, produces a view of the last 6 weeks of activity for any given CRM object with the new Activity by Day view, available across all Opportunities, Leads, Accounts, Contacts, People / CRM Users, and Card inspection views that use one of the previous objects. Click here to read more about it!

Let's give the Activity by Day feature some context and say you're a manager trying to identify what kind of engagement and activity your team has with prospects, by rep. You can open the People feature, enable Activity by Day, and have an instant visual of activity by rep, showing levels of both inbound and outbound activities of each rep over the last six weeks. You can also use filters to further drill down on the dataset you want to inspect without losing the Activity by Day column that's been turned on.

Let's take it even further and see what this thing can really do! This time, you're leading a Pipeline Review from the Opportunities page from the out of the box "Closing this Quarter" pipeline filter. You've enabled Activity by Day and can now see the visualization of activity by opportunity for all opportunities closing this quarter as well as the rest of the pipeline report you're used to. That's already great but now you want to know more about the movement of these opps. Click on the Movement view option in the top right. Click on the flow line labeled "decreased amount" to see every deal with an amount decrease in the last week. With two clicks you have reached a point of being able to review the deal by deal activity immediately before the amount decrease in order to identify and help coach and rectify a problem. But wait, there's more. You found an opp that decreased in amount and want to know more, click on the opp's icon to open a detail window and select the activity tab. Now you not only know how much activity the opp has seen but the last 100 individual activities! Can you imagine a better set of data to help you understand exactly what's been happening within an opp and identify where things may have gone wrong? You can find information to answer why the deal got smaller, or why a deal was pushed all in on place. Activity by Day makes it simpler to inspect engagement and identify what needs attention.

Retail Calendar

We now offer the option for your Team Calendar to be set to Retail, which currently has to be enabled team by team. Contact support for assistance.

A retail calendar is a scheduling paradigm designed to allow companies to compare fiscal months and years better by making calendar segments more consistent. For example, a 4-4-5 calendar that breaks up a year into 12 periods (think months) that contain 4 weeks, 4 weeks, then 5 weeks repeating for 4 quarters. Retail calendars can also come in 4-5-4 and 5-4-4 varieties.

If you take 4 weeks, 4 weeks, 5 weeks and take the number of days in that you get 364 days (BUT THAT’S NOT A FULL YEAR!?!). Retail calendars intentionally “lose“ a day each year that is then made up by adding a week to the calendar after 7 days (or more) have drifted between the actual fiscal end date and the desired fiscal end date.

On the Road to Complete Dashboard Management

The out of the box Insights experience keeps getting better. Hit the ground running faster than ever with both out of the box cards and dashboards!

Out of the Box Dashboards

We now provide out of the box dashboards! These Dashboards have been created and configured for you right out of the box, based on best practices, built to utilize your data. We currently have three pre-configured Dashboards and are pushing more out all the time.

More Out of the Box Cards

These cards are created out of the box for you based on best practices and can be edited, copied and further edited, and adjusted to best fit your needs. Pro tip: check out the Exec Weekly Dashboard above for detailed instructions on taking a current card and creating a new, similar card without having to start from scratch.

  • Count Accounts with No Contacts
  • Account TYpes Split
  • Account Hygiene Row
  • Q4 Forecast Submission
  • Opportunities Lost Lase Week
  • Closed Won this Quarter, New Business + Renewal
  • Count of Contacts with No Recorded Touch
  • Open Pipeline Close Date in Past
  • Count of Opportunities Won in 0 Days
  • Opportunity Type Split
  • Closed Won Last Month
  • Opportunities with No Decision Maker
  • 4 Meetings with Next Scheduled Meeting
  • Forecast by Rep this MOnth Bar Chart
  • Forecast Commit this Month Bar Chart
  • Opportunities Created Last Wee Top Content
  • Last Week's Won Opportunities
  • Open Pipeline Closing this Month by Rep by Stage
  • Leads Touched Last Week
  • Count of Leads with No Recorded Touch
  • Count of Opportunities without Contact Roles
  • Average ICP Last 12 Months

Visualization Update: Default View Type for Bar Chart Cards

Bar chart visualizations now offer a Default View Type option. Select a default view: chart or table to dictate which visualization the report will appear as. Below you will see the same card displayed as a bar chart (left) and table (right). The bar chart will support the same features it has in the past and the table allows for report inspection and allows for the expansion of a segment by clicking the plus/minus button next to the item.

Four more things to know...

Out of the Box Filters

  • New Business and Renewal (Pipeline)
  • Opportunities Meeting this Week (Pipeline)
  • Accounts with Zero Open Opportunities (Accounts)
  • Leads with No Engagement (Leads)

New Calculated Properties

  • Lead Date Entered Status
  • Lead First Campaign Name
  • Lead First Campaign Date
  • Lead First Campaign ID
  • Lead Last Campaign Name
  • Lead Last Campaign Date
  • Lead Last Campaign ID

Conversational Intelligence Updates

  • Recording Content Type Definitions: Recording is now an active content type. Generic Insights Board Recording is an available board template, there are multiple Recording Variables available as board filters, Generic Recording Insights is an available card template, and there are multiple Recording Variables available as card filters. This means you can create cards and dashboards around your Conversational Intelligence data!
  • CRM properties are now available in CI, providing the ability to filter recordings based on CRM properties.

Progress/Status of a given background refresh job

Users can see the Progress & Status of any active background refresh jobs. To see this view, click here or go to Team Profile > Jobs. Each item in the list represents a job that is refreshing content in the background. If there are no jobs undergoing a background refresh, you will see “No background jobs have been started yet.”

Even more to know...

Bug Fixes:

We love keeping open communication with you and value all forms of feedback. Here are a few bugs that came up and were fixed by our awesome Engineering Team to keep your business running smoothly!

  • Bar Chart render correction
  • Hubspot Confidence to close issue fixed
  • Hierarchy Clear button fixed
  • Action rendering in embedded modes fixed

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