Activity by Day, aka your new best friend, produces a view of the last 6 weeks of activity (default) or you can select to see activity 6 weeks before or six weeks after a configured date for any given CRM object. Activity by Day is available across all Opportunities, Leads, Accounts, Contacts, People / CRM Users, and Card inspection views that use one of the previous objects.

How does Activity by Day help me?

Let's give the Activity by Day feature some context and say you're a manager trying to identify what kind of engagement and activity your team has with prospects, by rep. You can open the People feature, enable Activity by Day, and have an instant visual of activity by rep, showing levels of both inbound and outbound activities of each rep over the last six weeks. You can also use filters to further drill down on the dataset you want to inspect without losing the Activity by Day column that's been turned on.

Let's take it even further and see what this thing can really do! This time, you're leading a Pipeline Review from the Opportunities page from the out of the box "Closing this Quarter" pipeline filter. You've enabled Activity by Day and can now see the visualization of activity by opportunity for all opportunities closing this quarter as well as the rest of the pipeline report you're used to. That's already great but now you want to know more about the movement of these opps. Click on the Movement view option in the top right. Click on the flow line labeled "decreased amount" to see every deal with an amount decrease in the last week. With two clicks you have reached a point of being able to review the deal by deal activity immediately before the amount decrease in order to identify and help coach and rectify a problem. But wait, there's more. You found an opp that decreased in amount and want to know more, click on the opp's icon to open a detail window and select the activity tab. Now you not only know how much activity the opp has seen but the last 100 individual activities! Can you imagine a better set of data to help you understand exactly what's been happening within an opp and identify where things may have gone wrong? You can find information to answer why the deal got smaller, or why a deal was pushed all in on place. Activity by Day makes it simpler to inspect engagement and identify what needs attention.

What kind of activity data can it show me?

Activity by Day presents the last 6 weeks of activity for any given CRM object including:

  • Opportunities
  • Leads
  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • CRM Users
  • Card inspection views that use one of the above objects

Where can I see Activity by Day?

This feature is available in all grid views, such as those listed above, and dashboard card inspection or report views, expanding the usefulness of Activity by Day to multiple, pre-configured views.

To populate Activity by Day, simply click the Activity by Day button (two conjoined circles). A new column will be added to the current report showing the visualization. To remove the column, simply click the Activity by Day button again. Or, you can collapse and expand the Activity by Day column by clicking the expand/collapse button.

When Activity by Day is toggled ON, it is on everywhere it's available. Adversely, it is off everywhere available when toggled OFF. If you have Activity by Day toggled ON, but have collapsed the column, it will still be turned ON wherever available.

How do you read the Activity by Day visual?

The visualization presents activity data in line with the CRM object list using dots that differ in size and color to illustrate:

  • Activity Volume: indicated by dot size
  • Inbound vs. Outbound activity: dark dots represent inbound activity and light dots represent outbound

By default, Activity by day produces activity six weeks back from today but has other options. There are two dropdowns above the Activity by Day visualization from which you can choose whether to look back six weeks (Last 6 Weeks From) or ahead (First Six Weeks After) a selected date configuration.

To view a date configuration different from the default:

Select Last 6 weeks from OR First 6 weeks after

  • Select a date configuration as the base point

Each of the six week periods is indicated by the week ending date while daily data is shown by the dots. For more detail, simply hover over a section to display that week’s stats. See the example below of how Activity by Day provides vital insight into your activity in an easy to use visualization, depicting the activity of CRM users.

Do I have access to Activity by Day?

Activity by Day will be available to all IS2 Platform users. This feature is on by default for Accounts and Opportunities and can be enabled for Leads and Contacts. To turn this feature on in Lead and Contact activity definitions, visit Activities Settings, click the “+ new” button, then search and select all Lead and Contact activities necessary to a user’s business. It's encouraged to trigger refreshes of these objects for the data to populate.

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