Sales Cycle stages are a business process that is often specific to an organization and are therefore not configured out of the box, but we want to make sure you have everything you need to easily create cards around your stages. If you've never created a card before, we recommend starting here. If you're familiar with the process, below are the content items we suggest using.

Remember, while this walks through a specific card, it can be adjusted to fit your needs. For example, changing the "Date Entered Stage" filter from last week to last month expands the lookback timeframe of the report, creating "Opps Moved to [Cycle Stage] Last Month" card instead. The opportunities to adjust a report to fit your needs are endless.

Creating a card for "Opportunities Moved to [Cycle Stage] Last Week

Card Template: Generic Opportunity Insight

Name: "Opportunities Moved to [desired stage name of inflection point one] Last Week"

Description: "Which opps moved to [stage name] last week?"

Filters: (adding these filters will add columns and interactive filters to the inspection view of your report, allowing you to drill down into this data)

→ Owner Name: Select ##MISSING## and any desired owner names

→ Confidence to Close: (0%-100%)

→ Amount: set your desired min & max amounts

→ Created Date: no need to include dates, this will just make the data available in your report

→ Date Entered Stage: relative > in the last > 1 > week > from last week

→ Stage Name: select the cycle stage you want to see for inflection point one

→ Forecast Category Name: select all

→ Last Touch Date, Last Inbound Touch Date, Last Meeting Date, Next Meeting: no need to include dates, this will just make the data available in your report


→ Sum Opportunity Amount: select Opportunity amount from dropdown menu

→ Count

→ Average Opportunity Activity Total: select Opportunity Activity Total from dropdown many


→ Visualization type: Headline

→ Hero Metric: Count

→ Subtitle: "With a total value of (add variable: Sum Opportunity Amount) and an average activity total of (add variable: Average Opportunity Activity Total)"

→ Transparent background: unchecked

→ Hero Metric Color: choose desired color

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