Don't we all have a list of reports we visit daily or need access to at a moment's notice? Starred Reports allow you to create a list of your favorites reports with just one click, keeping your favorite reports right at your fingertips. Think of the time you can save without having to search for the same reports day in and day out! Keep reading to learn how, or watch this video!

Adding Reports to the Starred list:

Step 1: From the second-level navigation of your Reports menu, hover over a report and click the star outline next to the report. This will add the report to the Starred list anchored at the top of the secondary navigation menu. That's it, that's the only step!

Your starred report will also remain visible in its original location.

Removing Reports from the Starred list:

Want to remove a report from the Starred list? Just click the filled white star next to the report. And don’t worry, while the report will no longer be listed under “Starred”, it will still live in its original location and be accessible to you.

If you run into any issues, please contact support.

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