Happy New Year! Our team was hard at work over the holidays, check out all the releases, improvements, and fixes that rolled out — helping to take your Revenue Intelligence game to the next level.

The one thing you should know...

Starred Reports let you quickly access your favorite reports. With one click you can add a report to the Starred list anchored at the top of the secondary navigation menu, making your favorite reports easily accessible. Your starred report will also still be visible in its original location. Want to remove a report from the Starred list? Just click the white star next to the report. And don’t worry, while the report will no longer be listed under “Starred”, it will still live in its original location and be accessible to you.

On the Road to Complete Dashboard Management

Directly adding a Report to a Dashboard

When viewing a report, you can now add it to a dashboard from right where you are! Clicking Add to Dashboard will open a window offering a list of dashboards from which to choose. Select the dashboard you want to add the open report to and click Add.

**Adding the report directly will add a new row to the dashboard and place the card on that new row. Remember, you can easily drag and drop cards when viewing the full dashboard to customize card placement.

More Out of the Box Cards

The out of the box Insights experience keeps getting better. Hit the ground running faster than ever! Check out the updated lists of cards currently available in our IS2 Revenue Intelligence Platform, we now have 120+ available!

•Opportunities Created Last Week

•Closing this Week - Top Content

•Opportunity Hygeine Row

•Count Account with No Contacts

•Account Hygeine Row

•Leads Created this Month

•Opportunity Status by Creation Month

•Average ACV Last 12 Months

•Win Rate Last Quarter

•Number of First Meeting Opportunities Last Quarter

Five more things to know...

Team-wide Timezones

Teams can now set a team-wide time zone for reports/dashboards. This helps near end of quarter/month so dashboards are accurate and don’t roll over into the next period too soon or too late. Currently, all teams default to PST. Adminds can change their team’s time zone in the team settings (Team Profile > Team Setup).

New Out of the Box Pipeline Filters

Closing this Month and Closing this Quarter pipeline filters now automatically show up as options in the second level navigation in Opportunities as preconfigured Pipeline views of opportunities that are closing in the current month or quarter.

Idle Session Timeouts

Some organizations may require specific user session timeouts, so we've made it a configurable setting option in the InsightSquared RevOps Platform. Check out Custom Idle Session Timeouts to learn how!

Add a filter for tracking changes in Salesforce

You can build more filters around when properties changed in Salesforce. See the example below establishing a filter for Stage Name Last Modified: more than > 14 days > ago.

New Context Sourced Property

Lead First Meeting Date - First Meeting Date: Date of the first meeting with this lead

Even more to know...

Bug Fixes:

We love keeping open communication with you and value all forms of feedback. Here are a few bugs that came up and were fixed by our awesome Engineering Team to keep your business running smoothly!

• Chart tooltip no longer going behind list header

• Anchored tooltip will no longer overflow but will now scroll

• Chart resizing issues resolved

• Unnecessary site access from office365 email/calendar integrations has been


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