Some organizations may require specific user session timeouts, so we've made it a configurable setting option in the InsightSquared RevOps Platform.

Configuring Idle Session Timeouts

Only admins can establish idle session timeouts.

  1. Click on Team Profile, or find Team Profile in the main nav dropdown menu and make sure you're in the Team Setup tab. Beneath the Authentication section, you will see Idle Session Timeout.
  2. Select your desired time unit from the dropdown menu (minutes, hours, days, weeks, months) and enter the number of units to be applied (use whole numbers).
  3. Click Save. Idle session timeouts will be applied upon user login. (If a user is logged in while the change is made, it will not be applied to that user until they log out and back in.)

Idle Session Timeouts FAQs

What is an idle session timeout?

An idle session timeout is enacted (if configured) after your selected period of inactivity. The timeout is reset when there is activity, so if the timeout is 10 minutes, you sit on a page for 5 minutes then do something, your idle timeout is reset to 10 minutes. If the idle timeout is passed the user will be logged out and sent to the login page on their next activity. There is no warning on when the idle session timeout is approaching or passed.

What is considered idle/inactivity?

Activity is defined as something requiring an authenticated request. Navigating between pages, adding filters, searching, opening definitions, etc. are all actions that would register as activity. The vast majority of any interaction with the application will register as an activity, but something like filling out a text field on a form will not register as activity. For example, if you’re writing out an email in an instant action that would not count as activity, so if your timeout is 10 minutes and you spend 11 minutes writing out your email you will get logged out when you try to save and lose that work, so care should be given to determining what the setting should be so as to not be too short.

Is the idle session timeout a default setting in the Platform?

There is no Platform established default, but your login state is browser session-based, so as long as your browser is open, you can remain logged in.

When will a configured idle session timeout be applied to my instance?

This setting is not retroactively applied. The setting only goes into effect the next time a user logs in after configuration. The same goes for any update to the setting, so any users logged in when the setting is set for the first time will not have the idle session timeout applied until the after they log out and log back in, and if they have the session timeout but it is changed, the change won’t apply to the user until after they have logged out and back in again.

How do I turn off the idle session timeout setting?

To unset the idle session timeout setting, just clear the timeout value and save.

If you run into any issues, please contact support.

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