Insights Cards can be presented in different visualizations; Headline, Top Content, Bar Chart, Pie Chart, Line Chart, and Opportunity Stage Conversion or Lead Status Conversion Funnels. Since Insights Cards consider data before visuals you can click Creating and Editing Insights Cards to learn how to create card content and be sure to use the Opportunity Stage Conversion Funnel template. Once you get to the configuration section you will see links to creating all card types, here we'll be creating an Opportunity Stage Conversion Funnel.

Opportunity Stage Conversion Funnel cards allow you to build a funnel displaying custom content in a pleasing visualization of data right in your dashboard. Opp Funnel Cards go beyond the funnel visualization to also offer itemized details. Hovering over data sets produces written, itemized details. You can also click on the funnel to open a full report.

Funnel Card Configuration

Included Stages

Select the opportunity stages to be included in the funnel

Once you have completed the Configuration section, click save in the card editor to save your card. If you want to make changes to other sections of the card editor, return to Creating and Editing Insights Cards.

If you run into any issues, contact support.

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