It was another busy month over here! Check out all the releases, improvements, and fixes that rolled out — helping to take your Revenue Intelligence game to the next level.

The one thing you should know...

Platform Hierarchy makes it easy to create role or user based designations and see them throughout your revenue intelligence reporting and analytics. Want to analyze activity by team? Or by a specific rep? Easy. By default, we use the CRM role hierarchy, but also offer user manager hierarchy that designates by person rather than persona.

Look how quickly Platform Hierarchy updates all of the reports on the dashboard below! Click, click, boom.

Big News on the Road to Complete Dashboard Management

Pie Charts

Pie Charts are available for Insights cards, giving you yet another awesome way display and inspect your data!

Go to Dashboard

You can now jump to a dashboard from a report in the report viewer. Click "Go to Dashboard" in the top right corner of a report to go to the dashboard that card is on.

Chart Sorting

Choose how to sort the order of data” is available in the visualization section of the card editor to sort bar charts by size, name or default with a customizable sort order.

Headline Card Colors

Further customize your headline cards by changing the hero text color (this makes your data really stand out and can be used to color-code your data!).

You can also set the background color of your headline card to transparent, check out how this can really differentiate data sets! These changes can be made in the visualization section of the card editor.

More Out of the Box Cards

The out of the box Insights experience keeps getting better. Hit the ground running faster than ever! Check out the updated lists of cards currently available in our IS2 Revenue Intelligence Platform:

•Accounts that Need Re-Engagement

•Accounts with No Open Opps

•Accounts with Opps Gone Dark

•Accounts with Open Opps

•Close Date in the Past

•Losses by Ideal Customer Profile

•Closed Lost this Quarter by Type

•Last Week's Lost Opps

•New Leads Today

•New Contacts Today

•Pipeline Creation Trend by Industry

•Pipeline Creation Trend by Lead Source

•Opps Pushed Out

•Predicted Current Forecast

•Leads Converted

•First Touch Campaign Attribution

•Pushes Rates by Employee

Four more things to know...

Settings Menu

The new dropdown menu in Settings offers quick access to the definition management pages for Activities, Groups, Goals, Forecast Types, Hierarchies, Boards, and Cards settings. Find this menu by selecting "Settings" from the dropdown menu from your profile in the main nav.

Open Reports in New Tab/Window

Simplify your multi-tasking by right-clicking on an item in the second-level nav and selecting "Open in New Tab" or "Open in New Window".

Horizontal Scroll

When viewing a report with more columns than screen space, scroll left and right to more efficiently see everything your report has to offer.

New Context Sourced Property

Lead Responded Campaigns & Number:

Number of Campaigns-Number of campaigns influencing this lead +

Responded Campaigns-Names of the campaigns this lead responded to +

Number of Responded Campaigns-Number of campaigns this lead responded to

Even more to know...

Bug Fixes:

We love keeping open communication with you and value all forms of feedback. Here are a few bugs that came up and were fixed by our awesome Engineering Team to keep your business running smoothly!

Fixed: Successful search to filter data on Reports View

Fixed: Improved UI performance on kanban Pipeline View

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