The InsightSquared Revenue Intelligence Platform keeps your data flowing regularly, updating data from your CRM every few minutes. But sometimes you might be in the middle of working on an opportunity and want to make sure your data is fresh right now. When you're drilled into an opportunity you can find out with one click, down the second, when your data was last updated and have the option to update it again, NOW. We know your time is precious and that even changes to your data in the last few minutes can impact your next steps.

To check an opp's most recent update and/or to update the opp immediately:

1. Make sure you're drilled-down into opportunity details by clicking anywhere in the opp's cell for a right drawer peek or by clicking directly on the opp name for a full-screen view.

2. Click on Board Controls (gear shift icon) in the top right corner.

3. Here you can see when this opportunity was Last Updated or click Update Now to run an immediate update, including CRM data, Machine Learning, Actions, and calculated properties.

That data is FRESH.

If you run into any issues, please contact support.

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