1. Decide how your users will access InsightSquared

There are two options for how your team can access InsightSquared

  1. Username and Password
  2. SAML

If you have any concerns about access controls, or want multi-factor authentication, you MUST pick SAML. This is typically owned by an internal IT resource, and that team can sometimes have a work queue.

For SAML: See SAML Enabling Single Sign-On Setup: InsightSquared Platform

2. Understand that you have full control over all data entering and exiting InsightSquared

  • Global filters allow us to remove data matching any specific criteria (record type ID..etc)
  • Content policies allow us to disable collecting specific records from SFDC or other systems (SFDC Cases, etc)
  • Authorization Groups control who can see certain content in the system
  • The system is read only by default. For write-backs, actions must be configured. (See below for more)
    - Actions cannot break validation rules
    - Actions use the token of the user performing the action (as if they did it themselves)
    - Actions can require opt-in, or can be completely automated
    - Actions can be tied to specific personas or roles (rep/manager..etc)

3. Know that you have a test environment if you need one

While 90% of our customers do not go down this route, any client can use their production credentials to access customername.sandbox.insightsquared.com

  • This environment is a 24 hour old copy of production
  • It does not have a data pipeline (actions won’t work, integrations don’t poll)
  • It can be used to verify configuration changes in a safe way prior to production changes

4. Obtain the appropriate permissions internally to get InsightSquared access to data

InsightSquared connects to multiple sensitive systems. Sometimes there are additional security processes run by IT after procurement.

Please have your Operations and IT teams verify-


  1. That InsightSquared has permission to connect to PRODUCTION SFDC with admin “all data” permissions
    - Some clients generate a specific “integration” user with these permissions, but this is optional
    - SFDC Sandbox environments are NOT supported (they change their data in a way that breaks core product capabilities).
    - InsightSquared has permission to connect to user email accounts in GSuite or Office365
  2. That the Managed Salesforce package creates a connected app and a library of visual force components (tabs and widgets)
    - InsightSquared can create no custom objects or fields.


  1. If you want to disable internal email and meetings from showing up in InsightSquared
  2. If you want to disable file/note capture
  3. If you want to decrypt email bodies to prospects and customers or hide them from the system

Connections are PER USER, only connected users will have data collected

5. Decide if you want to write-back data to your CRM

Insightsquared is READ ONLY by default, you must configure all write-backs.

  1. Verify the customer has selected us as the system of record for activity capture (no other activity capture tools in place)
  2. Verify the customer does not have validation rules on contact create
  3. Collect all other validation rules as part of the deployment to ensure actions are configured in compliance with the rules that exist

6. Make Implementation Resources Available On Your Team Throughout the Duration of the 10-Week Project

InsightSquared requires client implementation project resources to be generally available for required meetings to ensure a deployment stays on track. Notable key blockers dependent on client project resources include-

  1. Completing Integration Steps (must be completed by a CRM admin)
  2. Completing the Platform Configuration Survey
  3. Providing Field Mapping
  4. Data Access and Mapping
  5. Inviting and Connecting Users for Activity Data
  6. Key stakeholders must be made available (CRO, Ops, Sales Managers..etc)

The approximate 10-week implementation timeline is contingent upon completion of prerequisites, and timely scheduling by project resources on the client team and for InsightSquared resources. Logistics and expectation-setting for the implementation project is set during the kickoff.

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