It was another busy month over here! Check out all the releases, improvements, and fixes that rolled out — helping to take your Revenue Intelligence game to the next level.

The two things you should know...

Forecast Submission is integrated into the Platform!! Forecast Submission provides a fast and accurate way for your team to manage its forecast from the bottom up. After forecasts are submitted, our machine learning takes over, calculating your predicted number based on current CRM data, best cases, and rep judgments. Each opportunity is also given “Confidence Scores” visualizing those likely to close and those that are at risk. Don’t forget to check out Forecast History to understand changes, with a complete audit trail, and all of the other rich features designed to deliver the predictability you need to grow your business.

Second Level Navigation provides a full-screen experience and navigation for all of the views you have access to, across Leads, Contacts, Accounts, People, Opportunities, Reports, and Insights. It’s all about improving the discoverability of your existing dashboards and reports and making it easy to create new ones.

Six more things you should know...

On the Road to Complete Dashboard Management

More Out of the Box Cards

The out of the box Insights experience keeps getting better...with more in Contact Engagement & now Lead Engagement. Hit the ground running faster than ever! Check out the updated lists of cards currently available in our IS2 Revenue Intelligence Platform:

Out of the Box Contact Engagement Cards

Out of the Box Lead Engagement Cards

Share Reports by URL

The Reports section of the Second Level Nav allows users to share reports by URL with other users that have access to the report, simply copy and paste the URL when viewing a report and shoot it over a colleague, improving the speed of collaboration with your team.

New Opportunity Calculations

Opportunity Equal Touch Attribution Amount: the amount / numberOfRespondedCampaigns so you can show campaign attribution (equal touch model) in Insights

Opportunity Status: one of Won/Lost/Open allowing us to make nicer looking won vs. lost cards

Opportunity Outbound Email: number of opportunity outbound emails

Last/Next Meeting Subject

Available on Opportunities, Accounts, Leads, and Contacts, you can now add the “Last Meeting Subject” and “Next Meeting Subject” to any report or filter.

Let's say you're inspecting your current Pipeline and see that your last meeting with an opp was a week ago but you need a reminder of what it was you covered; adding a Last Meeting Subject filter solves your dilemma. Adversely, including a Next Meeting Subject ensures you're always prepared for what's next.

Even more to know...

Bug Fixes:

We love keeping open communication with you and value all forms of feedback. Here are a few bugs that came up and were fixed by our awesome Engineering Team to keep your business running smoothly!

Fixed: rescheduled meetings not updating in the system

Fixed: Our engineers have spent a lot of their recent time and efforts in improving performance for our users to be even faster!

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