The new second level Navigation menu provides a full-screen experience and navigation for all of the views you have access to, across Leads, Contacts, Accounts, People, Opportunities, Reports, and Dashboards.

This second level navigation provides:

  • Recently viewed (the last 5 boards you've viewed)
  • Group by tag
  • Search
  • Starred Reports (coming soon)

This experience provides better discoverability of your existing dashboards and reports and provides the opportunity to create new ones. You can save time and effort while increasing the breadth of data at your fingertips. This change allows us to support many more dashboards than previously, with easy organization by tag.

Accessing New Second Level Navigation

The Dashboard Navigation menu is a sub-navigation of the main nav on the left of your screen. It will show for 2 seconds, then automatically collapse to get out of your way. Click the icon to close or re-open the menu.

The New Second Level Navigation In Action

Second Level Nav Features

Find a board by entering a keyword of a tag or board name. Boards with the keyword in both their title and tag will be listed by both title and tag, and boards with multiple tags will be listed under each applicable tag.

Tags: Boards can be tagged. All Boards are tagged with their data type (Ex. Opportunity), but can also be tagged by their function, purpose, or anything you like. You can edit tags from the board edit view, accessible via the "gear" in the upper right.

Recently Viewed: The five most recently viewed boards will populate under Recently Viewed & continually update as you navigate through different boards.

Create New

Create a new board, within the current feature (Opportunities, Contacts, etc.) by clicking Create New + at the bottom of the Board Nav menu. Visit Create a New Dashboard for more on this process.

If you run into any issues please contact support.

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