The InsightSquared Platform provides out of the box insights cards with preset data for common uses, allowing you to hit the ground running. Changes can be made to best fit your needs, visit Editing from the Dashboard and Creating and Editing Insights Cards to learn more about making changes.

The filter list below is standard in all out of the box cards and indicates the data columns that will be provided in the card's report view.

Visible Filters / Columns:

Close Date

Owner Name

Forecast Category Name

Stage Name


Confidence to Close

Last Touch Date

Last Inbound Touch Date

Last Meeting Date

Last CRM Update Date

Next Meeting

Activity Total

Opportunity Products


Date Entered Stage

Estimated Deal Age

Contact Engagement Cards Available in the Platform

Contact Touched Yesterday

Contact Touched this Week

Contact Touched Last 30 Days

Contact Responded Yesterday

Contact Responded this Week

Followup Meetings Booked by Rep

Number of Meetings Last Week

Number of Meetings Completed this Week

Number of Meetings Upcoming this Week

Number of Meetings Next Week

Contacts by Rep

Initial Meetings Booked by Rep

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