InsightSquared Conversational Intelligence has different Role options allowing you to set permissions for your team members based on the activities they need to perform- whether that be administration, recording, downloading, listening, etc.

Within, Settings > Organization > Members, you will invite users and specify their role. You can also edit member roles from this page.

The roles listed below are in order of access. Owner, Admin, Manager, and User roles are all full licenses.


Each IS2 Conversational Intelligence account will require an owner. There will be one owner on your platform and they set up the CRM integration so need to have full CRM admin access. They will have full permissions and total control over all settings and configurations.


Admins have access to the Organization settings within Conversational Intelligence and can perform functions such as setting up teams, creating coaching scorecards, and managing members.


Managers are appointed for each Team you have set up in Conversations. They have default views over their teams for reporting and OnDemand. Managers can invite their team members, offer coaching, join calls live, and view insights.


This is for your team members who will be recording calls and listening to calls.

* Most common role, typically given to Sales Reps


This role is for people who will be actively coaching and accessing calls, but not recording their own calls. The different between an Insights and InsightsPlus role, is an InsightsPlus role can download recordings.


This role is for people who will be actively coaching and accessing calls, but not recording their own calls, or downloading calls. This license type is appropriate for

external coaches or other departmental stakeholders, such as Product Managers, Marketing etc.

Important note: Please keep in mind that the InsightsPlus and the Insights role do not include a recording seat. In other words, they won't be able to record and stream to InsightSquared Conversations.

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