The InsightSquared Revenue Intelligence Platform supports HubSpot as an integration type. Once this integration is configured, each of your team members must log in to the IS2 Platform and authorize IS2 to access their HubSpot account.

IS2 Hubspot Integration

Prerequisites: You are an InsightSquared Platform admin and have HubSpot permissions to read/write objects to be synced with IS2.

1. Log in to the InsightSquared Platform (You should have received an email from with the subject line "Invitation to join InsightSquared". Before starting the integration, click the Join InsightSquared link in the email to log into the Platform, the email provides your username.)

2. From your actions feed there should be an action prompting you to connect to HubSpot. If there is not, navigate to the application screen and find HubSpot and enable it with the following steps.

For users, if there is no HubSpot action, navigate to your profile where you should see a prompt to connect to HubSpot. If you cannot see it, contact your admin.

3. Click Applications, or select the user dropdown menu in the left nav and click Applications.

4. Scroll or type in "hubspot" to locate the HubSpot application. Hover over the HubSpot box and click Add.

5. This should redirect you to the team's Connection Settings page for HubSpot.

6. Once on the Connection Settings page, make sure that Poll primary integration only is enabled.

7. Click Enable in the top right of Connection Settings to enable HubSpot for the team.

8. After enabling the team integration on the Connection Settings page, ENABLED should be displayed next to Team Integration.

9. Activate your connection by clicking My Connection (or use this link) then click Activate. 🚨 🚨 IMPORTANT: Make sure that you are logged in to HubSpot before you click activate. 🚨 🚨

10. If this is your first time connecting, you will have to accept the permissions to allow InsightSquared to access HubSpot using your account by clicking Grant Access.

11. Once you've connected, your My Connection page should show ENABLED.

You can now have your team members log in to the IS2 Platform and authorize IS2 to access their HubSpot accounts.

If you run into issues, please contact support.

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