The InsightSquared Platform allows the mapping of properties from HubSpot to the Platform. Our flexible mapping layer allows you to add data of many kinds to solve different problems around reporting and actions. We recommend contacting support for assistance in mapping new properties.

To add a custom property to the IS2 Platform, there are two screens you need:

  1. HubSpot Property Settings
  2. IS2 Content Settings

NOTE: You must be both an InsightSquared Platform and HubSpot Admin in order to access these pages.

1. Go to HubSpot Property Settings

2. Obtain HubSpot Property Field Type & Internal Name

a.) Obtain HubSpot Property Field Type by clicking on a property to open the Edit

property window, the field type is listed here. (Eg., Single-line text)

For each field you map, you will need to translate the HubSpot data type (Field

Type in Hubspot) to the appropriate IS2 data type using the chart below. This

information will be entered in Step 3c below under Type.

HubSpot Data Type IS2 Data Type

Single-line text        ⭢    String (display type single line)
Multi-line text ⭢ String (display type short text area)
Single checkbox ⭢ Boolean
Multiple checkboxes ⭢ String (display type multi-select)
Dropdown select ⭢ String (display type multi-select)
Radio select ⭢ String
Date picker ⭢ Date
Number ⭢ Number / Number with Decimal
Calculation ⭢ Get calculation output type & see above
Score ⭢ Get score output type & see above
File ⭢ Not supported
HubSpot User ⭢ Not supported

b.) In the Edit property window, click on </> to populate the HubSpot Internal Name.

This data will be used in step 3c below under Source Property.

3. Go to IS2 Content Settings

a.) Select an existing Content Policy to add its custom fields

b.) From the pop-up menu, select Content PropertiesNEW

c.) Complete the populated IS2 Property Mapping window

  • Property Name - Hubspot property name, using camelCase. NOTE: camelCase is the practice of writing compound words or phrases using no spaces, where the first word is lowercase, and each word thereafter starts with a capital letter. Examples: insightsquaredSavesRepsTime, theAlphabetStartsWithAB.
  • Property Label - The label that will be shown for this property across the Platform
  • Type - Use the above mapping table (see 2a) to select a type (VERY IMPORTANT!!)
  • Select ML Data Type - Learn more about ML Data Types here
  • Source Property - HubSpot Internal Name for the property
  • Select one of the following: --Enabled - IS2 will collect this data
    -Searchable - IS2 will search this data (not recommended for anything but strings)
    -Track Changes - IS2 will track changes to this data
    -Hidden - IS2 will hide this property from users (recommended for IDs)
    -Writable - IS2 can update this property from Actions
    -Encrypted - Encrypt this value on ingest, and store this value encrypted

Step 4

Repeat this process for every custom HubSpot field you'd like to map in the IS2 Platform.

If you run into any issues please contact support.

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