The Report Viewer provides a full-screen experience and navigation for all of the Insights cards reports you have access to. This experience provides better discoverability of your existing reports and a complete library of out of the box reports that have been created for you. You can save time and effort while increasing the breadth of data at your fingertips.

Click on Reports in the main navigation on the left of your screen to open the Reports Viewer.

Reports Tab vs. Library Tab

The report viewer has two tabs: Reports and Library as the highest level of categorization. The two tabs differentiate between existing (Reports) and out of the box reports (Library).

Reports Tab

What is available in the Reports tab?

Click on the Reports tab to access existing reports which are organized either by the name of the Dashboard(s) on which they live or as "Unassigned Insights", and also by their associated tag(s).

Dashboard Reports: Only dashboards to which you are an audience member will be populated in your report viewer, therefore the reports listed beneath the dashboard names are only available to that dashboard's audience.

Unassigned Dashboards: Cards, or reports, that are listed under Unassigned Dashboards are not part of a current dashboard and are therefore available to all users. Unassigned Dashboards are organized by tag and may appear more than once if they have multiple associated tags.

What can I do with items in the Reports tab?

This list gives you direct access to your existing reports. Clicking on a card will open the full report view and allow you to add or adjust interactive filters and save your changes. (The Save Changes button only appears after a change has been made.)

Library Tab

Click on the Library tab to discover all of the out of the box cards, or card templates, that have been configured with preset data for common uses, allowing you to hit the ground running. Click on an out of the box card to view the full report. The Library organizes out of the box cards by tag name.

Find a report in the Reports tab by keyword in either card name or tag name; cards with the keyword in their name or tag will be listed. Some cards will be listed more than once, cards with the keyword in both their title and tag will be listed by both title and tag, and cards with multiple tags will be listed under each applicable tag. Searches in the Library tab will be based on tag name.

Collapse & Expand

The Report Viewer allows you to control which information and how much is displayed by offering the option to expand or collapse information at different levels: the Report Viewer Menu itself, full Dashboards, a limited or full list of cards within a dashboard, and by tag.

Report Viewer Menu: The Report Viewer menu is a sub-navigation of the main nav on the left of your screen, when you open "Reports" the Report Viewer menu will expand. You can collapse the entire Report Viewer menu while viewing a report to allow for more screen space for your report by clicking on the left-pointing arrow on the top of the Report Viewer, and expand by clicking on the same arrow as it points right for expansion.

Full Dashboard: Dashboard Names are only populated in the Reports tab and display a sub-selection beneath the Dashboard Name displaying all cards available on that dashboard. You can click the carrot to the right of the Dashboard Name to collapse and expand the card list.

Dashboard Limited List: Dashboards with multiple cards also offer the option to list a limited or full list of the cards available in the dashboard. Beneath the list of cards you will see something like "5 of 11", depending on the Dashboard, indicating that while the Dashboard houses 11 cards, only 5 are currently listed. To see the entire list of cards on this Dashboard click show all. A collapse button will replace show all allowing you to click to the limited card list.

Tags: Cards can carry different tags to indicate that data type(s) included in their full data set. Tags are added during card creation for increased searchability. In reports the "unassigned insights" section that is organized by tag, all out of the box cards are organized by tag, and all cards can be searched based on their tag(s). The tag indicator can be collapsed and expanded to hide or show all cards containing the same tag. Some cards may have multiple tags and therefore will be listed everywhere applicable.

If you run into any issues please contact support.

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