The Bookings by Deal insights card is provided out of the box in the InsightSquared Platform. This card provides you with preset data on bookings Closed-Won by deal this month. Changes can be made to best fit your needs, check out Editing from the Dashboard and Creating and Editing Insights Cards to learn more about making changes.

Common Use Cases

  • Pipeline Review
  • Rep 1-1
  • SDR KPI's
  • Marketing Demand Management

This card is created as a bar chart card and is seen in the dashboard as shown below:

Click on the card to expand to full report view. In report view, beneath the bar chart data are all filters represented in data columns for all deals closed-won this month. Learn more about reviewing and navigating reports and bar chart cards to drill further down into this data.

Content Type

This card has an opportunity content type and will filter and display data based on content from opportunities.


The opportunity content has been set to filter based on bookings Won by the Is Won filter being set to true, this filter is hidden in your report view since it is the basis of the card and will not need adjusting. The data is also preset to Close Date Relative>Thist>Month in order include deals closed-won this month.

A set of standard filters has been set to appear and can be adjusted to best fit your needs using interactive filters or in the card editor.


The calculations for opportunity count, average opportunity amount and average opportunity activity total are preset and shown in the card's subtitle.

Opportunity Count: The number of opportunities closing this quarter

Average Opportunity Amount: average amount of opportunities closing this quarter

Average Opportunity Activity Total: average number of activities


This is a bar chart card with a heading that displays opportunity count, average deal size and average activity total. There is a horizontal bar chart illustrating sum opportunity amount on the x-axis and opportunity name on the y-axis.

If you run into any issues, please contact support.

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