Our team is always working to enhance your RevOps experience to help grow your business. Keep reading to see all the releases, improvements, and fixes achieved every month.

The one thing you should know...

There are now Funnel Chart templates available when creating an Insights card. A funnel chart card allows you to configure a custom process visualization to see stage conversion and determine where deals are falling out of the funnel. Then apply those insights to sales process improvement plans to ultimately deliver more Closed Won deals.

Six more things you should know...

On the Road to Complete Dashboard Management

We are providing out of the box insights card with preset data for common uses to allow you to hit the ground running. While our team is continuing to produce new and functional cards, there are already twenty available for you and more coming by the day! Check out Sales Pipeline and Sales Results cards now.

Line Charts

Present data with line charts. Customize your line chart data and visualizations, including the option to add an underlaying bar chart to compare other datasets.

Drag & Drop Cards

Easily rearrange your dashboard by dragging and dropping cards into new, available spaces.

Bar Chart Enhancements

Clicking on a chart opens an inspection view with report data and continued hover capability. Now, in addition, when clicking on a specific bar will open the inspection view and anchor a legend specific to that data while allowing for a hovering legend over the rest of the chart.

Other features...

New in Actions

Add more to your Action Prompts-HTML in rich text bar, fonts, colors, pictures and links can now be included.

Campaign Support

You can now sync campaign data from Salesforce for your InsightSquared Platform reporting and insights.

Even more to know...

Bug Fixes:

We love keeping open communication with you and value all forms of feedback. Here are a few bugs that came up and were fixed by our awesome Engineering Team to keep your business running smoothly!

Fixed: Insights Boards, even those with a single row, fills the entire screen.

Fixed: Pagination resets after filtering, returning to the first page with the new filter.

Fixed: Top Content card's alignment has been corrected.

Fixed: Bar Chart axis labels are now rendering.

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