SAML enabled Single-Sign-On (SSO) allows users to log in once, and use the same credentials to log into other service providers. In order to simplify the user experience and enhance the security of our platform, InsightSquared supports single sign-on (SSO). Here we will outline the necessary steps, by both parties, to enable SSO access.

Setup Process

Click Team Profile to open your Team Profile page.

1. Under “Authentication Method” click next to SAML to set as your method.

2. This is the InsightSquared Single Sign-On URL that you will need to give your

identity provider.

Next, go to your identity provider, ensure that the identity provider entity ID or audience restriction is set to olono (this is case sensitive so be sure to use all lower case), and get the following information:

  1. Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL
  2. Identity Provider Issuer
  3. Base64-encoded certificate

Return to the Team Profile page to finish the setup by entering the above credentials as seen below:

Note: If you ever need to bypass the SAML authentication process, you can log in via the “Single Sign On Admin” option located on the bottom of the login screen.

If you run into any issues, please contact support.

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