Our team is always working to enhance your RevOps experience to help grow your business. Keep reading to see all the releases, improvements, and fixes achieved last month.

The one thing you should know...

Dashboard Management: Interactive Board-Level Filters

We’ve added another tool in the journey to complete dashboard management. Interactive filters give you the flexibility to filter data and edit reports in real-time, and will take your dashboard game to a new level! You can apply a filter to an entire pipeline and all its reports or to an Insights dashboard and all of its cards for which you're an editor—and view the filtered data immediately. Check it out today!

Four more things you should know...

The Road to Complete Dashboard Management

Set a homepage in the IS2 Platform

You can now set your most visited feature or reports as your InsightSquared Revenue Intelligence Platform home page! Start your day in the right place and ensure you can quickly navigate to the page, feature or report you use most.

Add/Replace/Remove Cards from Dashboard

Edit directly from your dashboard; add existing cards to you, replace cards and remove cards from your dashboard (not from the entire Platform).

Empty Board Card

Like to plan ahead? Go ahead and create your board, we’ll make sure there’s a message to you and your audience letting them know the board’s currently empty and awaiting further data so they don’t suspect an error.

Data Enhancements

New and Improved Property Mapping Capabilities

Improved data lookup capabilities in property mapping to improve speed and efficiency when calling data. This capability is provided with out of the box properties, please contact support to include improved data lookup to any custom IDs.

Content Property Template Operation can manipulate current data for a customized outcome in property mapping. For example, adding prefixes or suffixes to existing properties or multiplying numeric values to represent ARR.

Even more to know...

Bug Fixes:

We love keeping open communication with you and value all forms of feedback. Here are a few bugs that came up and were fixed by our awesome Engineering Team to keep your business running smoothly!

Fixed: Teal bubble indicating active Actions is now correctly appearing in Pipeline View.

Fixed: Removing the last card in a row in a dashboard no longer erroneously removes the

entire row.

Fixed: "Remove" icon (x) now shows from type-ahead multi-select selected list

Fixed: Addressed an issue that would cause the UI to go really slow when editing many insights


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