When Creating Dashboards and Creating and Editing Insights Cards, a board/card editor wizard helps you to walk through the full creation process and remains available for additional editing. After your boards and cards have been created though, it's easier and more efficient to make changes from directly within a dashboard. Editing from within a dashboard allows real-time changes without ever having to leave the screen you're working in or open an editor. Remember, only board/card editors have the capability to make changes to a given board/card.

Changes that can be made directly in the dashboard include:

•Board level interactive filters

•Adding available cards

•Resizing cards

•Editing/replacing/remove cards from a dashboard

•Re-arranging cards

Board-level Interactive Filters

Filter(s) set up during initial board creation can be easily manipulated for real-time changes while working in the dashboard. If filters are available to a board they will be displayed above the cards. To see changes in real-time, open a filter, and change its selections; behind the filter window, you will see cards adjust accordingly. Interactive filters give immediate flexibility to visible data and will take your dashboard game to a new level!

Add Card

You probably added cards to your bard during creation and can still add them through the board editor if you wanted to, but save yourself the clicks and use our Add Card button directly in the dashboard.

Hover over the next available, empty space in your dashboard to see the Add Card button, click Add Card.

A list of available cards will pop up; scroll or use the search to find the card you want to add. Select the new card and click Add. Your card will now be visible in the dashboard in the previously available space.

Resize Cards

Dashboards are made up of rows of cards displaying different types and visualizations of data. Some rows may have more or fewer cards than another, display more data, or may simply be of a higher priority to you and you want their data more prominent. Resizing cards allows further customization of your data display and is incredibly simple.

Hover between two cards to produce a vertical teal line, drag that line left/right to resize the width of a card. As a card's width is increased, the size of its data adjusts accordingly to ensure all the data is still visible and proportionate.

Rearrange Cards

The arrangement of cards in columns and rows can be adjusted by dragging a card to a new place on the dashboard. The rearrangement can occur only when a row as available space, if space is available and the card you are copying is larger than what is available it will automatically be resized to fit the available space. You can also create a new row using this method by dragging a card into the last row (first row available beneath current rows).

Edit/Replace/Remove Cards

Click on three dots in the top right corner of a card to populate the options to Edit, Replace, or Remove a card.

Editing Card Content

Click Edit to open the card editor for current card selection. Visit Creating and Editing Cards for more information on the editing process.

Replacing a Card

Click Replace to open a list of available cards, select the new card you want to be added to your board and click Replace. The card that was previously in this position has now been replaced on the board but is still alive and well and available to its audience. The replacement takes place only on the current dashboard.

Removing a Card

Click Remove. The card will be removed and a confirmation will appear telling you, "This card has been removed successfully." The card is removed from this dashboard only, it will remain available to its audience. Removing a card is not deleting a card.

If you run into any issues, please contact support.

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