The Sync Team Forecast, or forecast rollup, allows direct reports to combine the data of all individual team members in the hierarchy level directly beneath them and turn it into a team forecast total with a single click. Any employee that has direct reports listed beneath them in the hierarchy can complete a team forecast.

What is Sync Team Forecast?

After individuals have submitted a forecast, their direct report can sync each team member's forecast into a single, total forecast. The team forecast will produce a team total as well as include all opportunities in the forecast calculator for the direct report, including adjustments made by individuals.

How to Sync a Team Forecast

1. Select the forecast cell you want to sync to open the forecast calculator.

2. Click the Sync Team Forecast button. Syncing the team forecast will apply your team’s opportunity value adjustments and selections for the same Forecast Type and overwrite existing selections in your Opportunity List, as well as syncing the Forecast Value and Forecast Adjustments from your team.

3. Click Save Forecast.

Repeat this process for each forecast cell to sync your team's entire forecast.

Team Forecast

After a team forecast has been synced and saved, the manager, or team lead, can make their own adjustments to the team forecast that will override the original data. Any adjustments made by the manager will not change the individual's forecast, only the team forecast.

Opening an opportunity will display the associated individual rep name so that, while all opportunities have been combined into a team total, individual opportunities and details are still available.

A completed Team Forecast will display the team forecast totals in the direct report's forecast cells and the individual team members below, with their original individual forecasts. Remember that if a manager makes adjustments to the team total, the team forecast and individual forecasts will not be identical.

The image below illustrates the process of the sync: individual reps select their opportunities which allows the sync team forecast action to roll up individual data to their manager, or team, and so on through the hierarchy.

Forecast Details and Drilldown

A team forecast still offers visibility into each forecast and opportunity for further inspection.

The forecast calculator will display total Salesforce values and adjusted values made by the forecast owner. Visit Submitting a Forecast and Opportunity Details and Forecast Adjustments for more information on submitting forecasts, forecast and opportunity details and adjusting forecasts.

If you run into any issues, please contact support.

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