After submitting a forecast, the InsightSquared Platform ensures you are made aware of any changes in the CRM that are not reflected in your forecast. The automated notification of CRM updates empowers a quickly adjusted, adaptable, and more accurate forecast.

How will I be notified of an updated CRM value?

Notification of CRM opp value updates appear as a yellow triangle icon + tooltip in the header if an opportunity included in one of your forecasts has an updated value from your CRM.

You will see a yellow icon in any of your own forecast cells that have forecasted opps with updated CRM values.

Clicking on the yellow icon will show the previously forecasted value as the top value on the card (same position as an opp value adjustment).

When will the notification disappear?

The header icon goes away the first time the user clicks into any cell with updates to review. Hitting save will persist the current source (CRM) value of the opportunity onto the forecasted opportunity. Hitting save will clear out the warning flags. Reloading after save, all the warning flags should not show. All icons disappear after the session closes, such that on the re-load of the page, only new CRM value updates since the last session would trigger yellow icons.

If you run into any issues, please contact support.

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