Forecast Submission is the culmination of already existing data and instinct processed in forecast type and segment cells. In other words, integrating CRM and Pipeline data with the knowledge, experience, and hands-on activity of reps to create predictability and help you make smarter business decisions.

To view and submit forecasts, select the Forecasting icon in the main nav on the left.

Select Employee and Period

Use the employee picker to choose the forecast owner from the hierarchy and the period picker to dictate the forecast period. The owner and period will remain as chosen until changed, you do not have to re-select these before inputting each category.

Select Forecast Cell

Select the cell you want to forecast to open the forecast calculator. Forecast Types and Segments are customizable to fit your needs so they may not look exactly like the examples below, but the process will remain the same. You may choose to forecast by forecast type total by clicking in the forecast type cell above the segments or forecast using segments by selecting a cell that includes both a type and a segment.

Each forecast cell operates as a silo, or only within itself. Any forecasts, selections or adjustments made to an opportunity within a forecast will only occur within that forecast.

  1. Type Total (E.g. Upside Total)
  2. Segment within a Type (E.g. Renewals in Commit)

Forecast Calculator

The forecast calculator produces opportunities that match the current sales hierarchy, fiscal period and segment that can be added to the forecast and gives you the ability to manage your current forecast entries and adjustments.

Filter and Sort Opportunity List

In the forecast calculator, you can filter by Closed-Won, Closed-Lost and/or Forecasted opportunities and sort opportunities by Closed Dated, value, or stage to adjust and order the opportunity list.

Summary Cards

Individual opportunities are displayed in the opportunity list on summary cards that provide opp information including confidence score, owner, close date, category, stage, type, amount, and a checkbox for adding opps to a forecast. Having this data visible saves you from having to drill down into each opp and allows you to make build your forecast quickly and confidently.

Add Opportunities to a Forecast

In the forecast calculator, select from the opportunity list the opportunities you want to include in this forecast by clicking the checkbox in the summary cards. As you select opportunities, "My Opportunity Selections" and the forecast cell will both reflect the running total value of all selected opportunities.

Pro tip: When searching for opportunities already included in the forecast, turn the Forecasted filter toggle on and click the filter icon. Your opportunity list will now only reflect forecasted opportunities.

The opportunities listed reflect CRM values and can be adjusted to reflect a rep's instincts with a value they think is more realistic than the current CRM value. For more about opportunity details and adjusting opportunity values, click here.

Once you have finished including opportunities and have made any necessary adjustments you can submit the current forecast by clicking Save Forecast. Saving a forecast is considered a forecast submission and will be listed in the forecast history.

Repeat this process for all types and segments, including category totals. Forecast Type totals are not a calculated total of segments in the forecast type, but a forecast of their own. When entering opps into category total cells, you will include all of the opportunities that were included in that forecast type's segments. Remember, forecast cells are like silos, if you made adjustments in another cell they will not be carried over into the total, but you can repeat the adjustment in the forecast type total forecast cell.

Once you have entered all forecasts you have an overview of your current period based on CRM values, your own adjustments, best case, and your own input on the most realistic outcome of a period will be. If you are a direct report, you can produce a team forecast that will roll up each forecast for all members of your team.

Team Forecast

After team members have entered their individual forecasts, their direct reports can perform a Sync Team Forecast that rolls up all individual forecasts into a team total for larger-scale forecast data. Sync Team Forecasts are totals calculated per individual forecast cell, not by type total and are based on adjusted values. Check out Sync Team Forecast to learn more.

If you run into any issues, please contact support.

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