Click on an Opportunity Summary Card to open opportunity details and for the option of adjusting the CRM Value of an opportunity.

Opportunity Details provided:


•Close Date

•Confidence Score

•Current Stage


•Forecast Category


Adjusting Opportunity Value

What makes forecasting more than just a pipeline review is flexibility and the inclusion of best and worst-case scenarios, as well as rep judgments.

How do I make an Adjustment?

To make an adjustment to the CRM Value, enter an adjusted amount into Opportunity Value(s). The Opportunity Value adjusts the total rollup of selected opportunities either higher or lower to more accurately capture a rep's level of confidence about what they can book and create a more accurate forecast.

Where can I see both CRM and Adjusted values?

Opportunity Summary Cards and Opportunity Detail will each display both the CRM Value and adjusted Opportunity Value for individual opportunities. (See above.)

The Opportunity List will display the total amount of all selected opportunities (My Opportunity Selections) and the total adjustments made (My Forecast Adjustment) and the difference of the two are reflected as My Forecast Value. Value changes will also be listed in Opportunity and Forecast histories.

Will Adjustments roll up into team forecast totals?

Syncing the team forecast will apply your team's opportunity value adjustments and selections for the same Forecast Type and overwrite existing selections in your Opportunity List, as well as syncing the Forecast Value and Forecast Adjustments from your team. You must click Save Forecast to make these selections permanent in your forecast.

If you run into any issues, please contact support.

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