Each Opportunity Summary Card displays a circled number on the left of the card, the Confidence Score. This number is a calculated indicator of the likelihood an opportunity will Close Win or is at risk and even produces a color system to help you easily identify which opportunities are doing well and which need to be investigated further. Having this score displayed for each opportunity allows you to be aware of an opportunity's confidence status when creating your monthly or quarterly forecast.

How is the Confidence Score calculated?

The Confidence Score is calculated based on data from across the InsightSquared Platform, including Static Opportunity Properties like amount, stage, industry, region, custom properties, etc., Static Account Properties such as region, territory, owner, custom properties, etc., Activity data such as inbound/outbound emails, calls, meetings, etc. and Progression status like duration in stages and movement of close dates to determine the likelihood the opportunity will be Close Win

How do I know if an opportunity has a high, medium or at risk Confidence Score?

The circle around a Confidence will be green, yellow or red to indicate where it stands on the confidence scale.

Green: Confidence Score of 80 and above, high likelihood to close win

Yellow: Confidence Score between 60-80, opportunity is at risk

Red: Confidence Score under 60opportunity is unlikely to close win

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