The Forecast Calculator is the management system for forecasting and is the main tool in Submitting a Forecast. This feature is the foundation of your forecast and provides much more than just a list of forecastable opportunities. The Forecast Calculator is the tool you will use to include opps in specific forecasts, filter and adjust opps, reset a forecast, and access opp details.

To open the Forecast Calculator, click in the forecast cell you want to manage.

Forecast Type

Submitting a forecast involves moving between multiple types and segments so having the Forecast Type listed at the top of the Forecast Calculator will ensure you know to which forecast you are entering opportunities. You can also find the "last saved" date, or forecast submission, for this forecast listed beneath the Forecast Type.

My Opportunity Selections

As you add multiple opportunities to a specific forecast, My Opportunity Selections will provide a running total of the opportunities selected based on CRM data.

My Forecast Adjustments

As forecast adjustments are made to opportunities, My Forecast Adjustments will provide the sum of adjustments made to the forecast. For example, if you adjust one opp with an increase of $10,000 and another with a decrease of $2,000, the total adjustment will be +$8,000.

My Forecast Value

Calculating the difference between My Opportunity Selections and My Forecast Adjustments will provide you with My Forecast Value, or the value of your forecast based on the difference between selected opportunities' CRM amounts and forecast adjustments.


Use Closed-Won, Closed-Lost, and Forecasted toggles to turn on/off the filtering of those opportunity types. Default is set to filter Forecast Opportunities, but the other options are available to you. Click the filter icon to apply filter selection and populate filtered opportunities in the Opportunity List.

Reset Forecast

Sometimes you might want to make changes and start your forecast from scratch, you can do so by clicking on the Reset Forecast button. This unselects all selected opportunities, removes all adjustments, and returns the forecast amount to $0.

Opportunity Sorting

When looking for opportunities to include in a forecast, it may be helpful to you to sort the Opportunity List by Stage, Opportunity Value, or Close Date. By selecting a sort, your Opportunity List's forecastable opportunities will be sorted according to your selection.

You could scroll through your entire Opportunity List, but this type-ahead Opportunity Search search bar saves you time by typing in an opp name or associated text, narrowing your search to match, and only displaying matched opportunities.

Opportunity List

The whole management system lives within the Opportunity List, but there really is a list of opportunities. Opportunities listed will be those that match the sales hierarchy, fiscal period and pull-in criteria, and the segment. This list will encompass all the opportunities you could potentially include in the current forecast.

Opportunity Summary Card

The opportunities in the list are a wealth of information within themselves and displayed in an Opportunity Summary Card. This card displays the opp name, confidence score, owner initials, opp stage, forecast type, forecasted amount/CRM value, and include the checkbox that will allow you to add the opp to the current forecast.

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