What is Forecast Submission?

Forecasting offers a fast and accurate way for your team to manage its forecast from the bottom up. Forecast Submission determines predictability based on customized data and is essential in producing accurate forecasts by calculating based on current CRM data, best cases, and rep judgments. Calculated confidence scores illustrate opportunities that are likely to close and those that are at risk. Forecast History allows an understanding of changes with a complete audit trail. And much more! Forecast Submissions are the data foundation that provides predictability and insights for the future of your business.

Where can I find Forecast Submission?

Click the Forecasting icon in the left nav to open Forecast Submission. Your own forecast data should appear; if you have direct reports you will also have access to their data.

Who uses Forecast Submission?

While Heads of Sales, Team Leads and Reps may all use Forecast Submission, they may all use it a little differently. Individual rep data will roll up into the forecast of their direct report for a team forecast, and the head of sales can roll up multiple teams for a full forecast. Visit Forecast Submission Hierarchy for more information.

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