InsightSquared Revenue Intelligence Platform's Machine Learning currently offers two key models, or answers two key questions: Confidence to Close: What is the confidence that a given opportunity will ‘Close Win’ based on how it is progressing? and Ideal Opportunity Profile: How closely does this deal ‘look like’ deals you typically win? With more to come!

Before a property can be analyzed, it must be categorized by type.

What are Machine Learning Types?

Before you establish a type, you need to understand under which type your data falls. There are seven Machine Learning types available:

・unique: Reserved for things like id’s, URLs, opportunity name. Something that will be mostly unique in the system

・temporal (date or time): Relating to dates like close date, create date, or renewal date

・boolean: if the value is true/false or 1/0 (i.e. opportunity is won)

・picklist: if the value is a single picklist entry (i.e. opportunity stage)

・multi-picklist: if the value can be multiple picklist values (a list)

・numeric: relating to a number value like number of seats or amount

・text: used for free form text like opportunity description or next steps

Establish Machine Learning Type

Establish what type of machine learning fits the data in your CRM.

1. Select Applications from the dropdown menu in the left navigation

2. Select your CRM to open

3. Select Content Settings to open Content Policy List

4. Click your desired Content Policy from the list to open a Content Policy editor

5. Click Content Properties

6. Hover over a property in the list to produce the edit option, click edit

7. In the Property Mapping window, select the appropriate ML Data Type from the dropdown

8. Click done

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