The content in your dashboard is displayed by cards. There are common cards available to you right out of the box and you can create custom cards. Adding cards to dashboards provides your boards with the content you want to see.

Adding Cards to a Dashboard

You can add cards to your dashboard from within the dashboard or using the Board Editor.

Adding Cards from within the Dashboard

Hover over the next available, empty space in your dashboard to see the Add Card button, click Add Card.

A list of available cards will pop up; scroll or use the search to find the card you want to add. Select the new card and click Add. Your card will now be visible in the dashboard in the previously available space.

Adding Cards in the Board Editor

Click on Board Controls (the gear icon in the top right corner) and click on Edit{Dashboard Title} to bring up your Board Editor.

Navigate to the Insights menu in your Board Editor.

Click Add Card under the row to which you want to add a card.

Select a card by scrolling or searching for the card you want to include

Adjust the card width for your card by changing the number to its right. There are 12 available widths per row and you can customize how many are applied to each card. For example, if you want three cards of even width across a row, each card would have a width of four. (4 + 4 + 4 = 12)

Click Save in the top right corner of your board editor. Your board is updated to include the added card.

If you run into any issues, contact support.

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