We know your data and needs are always changing so being able to make edits to your Dashboards is crucial. You can edit a dashboard's filters, audience, editors, layout, and content. If you haven't created a dashboard yet, click Create a Dashboard to get started.

You can locate a dashboard in Board Definition Management or in the Insights search bar.

To open in Board Definition Management:

Click on the dropdown in the left menu and select Settings.

Select Boards as the Definition Type. Here you will find a list of all Out of the Box and custom created dashboards. You can create new boards or edit current boards from this page.

Select from the list the board you want to edit to populate the Board Editor.

To locate a dashboard in your Dashboards view:

Use the Board Navigation menu to find dashboards. (Pro tip: You can also navigate between dashboards using this same method.)

Once your dashboard is open, click on Board Controls (the gear icon in the top right corner) and click on Edit {Dashboard Title} to bring up your Board Editor.

Pro tip: Selecting List All Insights also takes you to Board Definition Management.

Editing Dashboards

Once your dashboard editor is open you will have options for editing Board Information, Filter, Audience, Editors, and Insights.


Click on Filter. Filtering an entire dashboard is only applicable to a board with one listed Content Type. How do you know if this board has a single content type? Check out the dashboard information portion of your board editor and see if there are one or more Content Types listed. If you're not sure, don't worry; the Filter menu will not offer the option to add a filter if the board doesn't fit the single content type criteria.

Since this board does fit the single Content Type criteria, the Filter menu will display a plus sign icon. To add a filter, click the plus sign to produce a list of variables available to the board's Content Type. Click on the variable you want as a filter.

The filter options for the selected variable will appear. Keep in mind that different variables produce different metrics so this step will not always list the same variables.

With our filter metrics selected, this dashboard will only pull information within the filter.


Click on Audience and select the User Group(s) to which you want this dashboard to be visible. You can also define additional users by searching for a team member name or email.


Click on Editors and select the User Group(s) that will be able to edit the board. You can also define additional users by searching for a team member name or email. This board will accept changes from selected Editors and those changes will be saved to the board across its entire audience.

Sharing a Dashboard

Click on the Share Board icon in the top right corner of your screen. The Audience menu in your board editor will open allowing you to edit the User Groups you want to be included in your audience or to "Give access to additional users by email address" at the bottom of the menu. Here you can choose individuals as opposed to User Groups to view your dashboard.


The Insights menu in your card editor allows you to customize and control the content and layout of your dashboard. Boards consist of cards built within horizontal rows. You can adjust your dashboard layout by adding cards, moving rows and adjusting the width and order of the cards.

Drag and Drop: Moving Rows and Cards

Rows house the horizontal data sets in your dashboard. In your board editor Insights menu, you will see an icon next to each row that allows you to drag your rows into new positions. For example, if you drag Row 1 below Row 2, the rows will trade places in both your editor and in your dashboard. The Row number will automatically adjust to numerical order.

Cards display individual, customized data sets across a row. Drag the icon next to each card to move your cards into new positions; cards will be displayed in order from left to right in the row.

Add Row

Add rows to your dashboard by clicking the Add Row + button

Click Add Card under the row to which you want to add a card

Select a card by scrolling or searching for the card you want to include

Adjust the card width by changing the number to its right. There are 12 available widths per row and you can customize how many are applied to each card. For example, if you want three cards of even width across a row, each card would have a width of four. (4 + 4 + 4 = 12)

Click Save in the top right corner of your board editor. Your board is updated to include the added card.

For more information, visit Adding Cards to a Dashboard.

Editing Content

The data and content presented in your dashboard lives inside the cards, you can open card editing directly from the dashboard. Click the three dot icon on the top right of a card and select Edit, then visit Creating and Editing Insights Cards for more on editing your content.

Dashboard tip: Don't forget that your selected Audience also has access to this dashboard and any changes you make to the board will be made to their view as well.

If you run into any issues, contact support.

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