Using filters to build reports allows you to slice and dice the information you need. However, you may decide some data that needs to be filtered does not necessarily need to be visible. Being able to utilize this feature allows you to not only control what information you have, but what information you can see. 

Hiding and showing filtered information helps you access and illustrate the data you need. There are two ways hide/show filter information: directly in your report editor and from the filter pills listed above a report. 

Let's say you want to filter a  Pipeline report to include only "New Business Type" opps but do not want a column dedicated to this item, here are two ways to hide/show the "New Business Type" opp in your report:

Hiding/Showing Filter in Report Editor

When building a new report or from the report editor, click the eye icon next to the "Type" filter to show or hide this item from report views, allowing the filter to be applied without being visible as a column or pill in your report. This approach is most useful when building a report since you will be working in the report editor.

Hide filter: 

Show filter: 

An open eye icon next to a filter item means that item will have a visible column and present a pill in your report while a closed eye icon means the information is being filtered but the item will not have a visible column or pill. 

Hiding/Showing Filter using Filter Pills

If you've already built a report you can hide/show included filters directly from the report itself using the filter pills available above the report data. 

Click the dropdown arrow in the pill you want to show/hide. Click the eye icon to show (eye open) or hide (eye closed) this filter in your report. Click Done when you have made your change. Remember, the data will still be filtered, it just won't populate its own column in your report view. 

Using the filter pills to show/hide data makes it easy to make changes directly from your report and saves you from opening your report editor each time you want to make a change.

Filter visible in report view:

Filter not visible in report view: 

Any time you make changes in a report you want to keep, remember to click Save Changes before closing the report!

If you run into any issues, please contact support.

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