Creating reports in the InsightSquared Revenue Intelligence Platform makes it easy to inspect your team's data by automatically analyzing your sales activity and process. You can further customize your reports by rearranging, resizing, and sorting columns to reflect your data in the order that works best for you. Haven't created any reports yet? Click here to get started.

Rearranging Columns

Let's say you've created a report and can see your filtered items displayed but you find yourself constantly scrolling across multiple columns from "Confidence to Close" rate over "Close Date" because you inspect that information together. No worries, simply drag the "Close Date" column title and drop it into a new destination; the entire column and its data will move. Rearranging your columns allows you to control the order in which your data is displayed.

You'll notice the filter pills above your report automatically rearrange to reflect the changes you made to your column order.

Resizing Columns

So now you've got your columns where want them but you notice your "Close Date" data is stacked and you can't see everything you need to because the column is too narrow. Drag the line on the right side of the column to the right to expand the width of the column and to the left to make the column more narrow.

Now your "Close Date" data is all visible in the new, wider column.

Sorting Columns

Each column can be sorted so you can view your opportunities in the order that makes the most sense for your report. Staying with the examples above, let's say now that your columns are sized and arranged to your liking, you'd really like to view your opportunities by their Confidence to Close rate, highest to lowest. Click in the column title cell to sort. When the arrow is pointing down, the column will be sorted highest to lowest for numerical data and A to Z in alphabetical; when the arrow is pointing up, data will sort in the opposite order. Below we see the Confidence to Close column has been sorted from highest to lowest percentage, opportunities and all of their data will be sorted by Confidence to Close.

Saving Changes

Any time you make a change in the look of your report, the Save Changes option will appear. The option is not visible when no changes have been made. Click on Save Changes to ensure any rearranged, resized, and/or sorted columns are saved so your report looks the same next time you open it.

If you run into any issues, please contact support.

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