The People Dashboard provides a wholistic view of prospect facing activity per individual with a CRM account.  You can see an individual's action execution, onboarding status, upcoming tasks, and meetings, etc. as well as metrics totals for the entire team.  As a manager, this allows you to:

▪︎ See your employees' relative performance over time
▪︎ Review your employees' recent and upcoming activity
▪︎ Review your employees' recommended and completed actions

Similar to Pipeline Activity, the People dashboard collects data based on the activities that have been completed in a chosen time period. However, People tracks activities completed by individuals on your team rather than by opportunity.

Start by clicking on People in menu on the left of your screen or by clicking here.  If you do not see this option or the link does not work, please contact your admin or InsightSquared support to update your permissions.

In the People Dashboard you can see:

  1. Itemized activity percentages 
  2. Stacked bar charts displaying daily total and individual activities 
  3. A time period toggle allowing you to choose to display one week (1W), one month (1M), three months (3M) or six months (6M) ... this selects how long of a time period to display in the graph
  4. Total number of activities for the time period selected
  5. Total activity change percentage vs the prior period, I.e. Month over Month, Week over Week change
  6. List of team members with activity data in the time period

Hover over a column in the bar chart for an itemized breakdown of individual activities such as tasks, meetings, leads, etc. for that day/week. Daily totals are shown in week (1W) and month (1M) views, weekly totals are shown three (3M) and six month (6M) views. 

Individual Rep Data

People activity reporting access to individual rep data enables you to understand where reps are spending their time.

Individual Rep Graph/Metrics

To drill down into the graphed data and metrics of one person, type their name into the "Search People Activity..." box. 

Once the list has been filtered to an individual person, the metrics totals and graph will immediately update to display data specific to that person. 

Individual Rep Details

By clicking on a name you can display details, upcoming and recent activity for individual people in a box in the right drawer. Click the "x" to close the box and return to your list

Details provides the rep's CRM user information, contact details, and more, as seen above.  

Upcoming shows the rep's upcoming or open actions and their due dates. You will see upcoming meetings, tasks, next steps, etc.

Recent displays actions with an activity date in the past or anything that has been closed/complete. 

Did you know you can further customize the People Activity metrics displayed? 

To change which individual activity metrics are included, click on an individual or multiple activity pills to show/hide their data. Totals, amounts, and the bar chart will adjust immediately. 

The pills themselves also show the increase or decrease of that activity type in that time period. 

You can also click on the Reports button to view metrics within an existing report or build a new one! This allows you to create activity reports for certain departments, roles, or other data related to their SFDC account. 

To learn more about creating and understanding reports, click here

Action Metrics and Instant Actions

One-click access to Action Metrics and Instant Actions is available across the platform, you'll see both icons next to each person in your People Activity list. The teal dot on the action metrics indicates that there is currently an active action for that user that requires attention.

Action Metrics Inspection

Action metrics allows you to review your employees' recommended and completed actions. You can customize what data you want to see by choosing different action states, actions, opportunities, and more. This data is an indicator of how each rep is using the tool. 

In Action Metrics you can see: 

1. Actions/ and recommended Actions in the last {selected time period} and
    completion percentage during that period

2. Toggle for time period that allow you to view action metrics  by one week (1W), one
    month (1W), three months (3W), six months (6M), and one year (1Y)

3. Actions metrics bar chart

4. A daily breakdown of tasks by their status (completed, active, dismissed, etc.) is    
    visible when you hover over any bar in the chart 

5. Action status color legend including the time period and total actions per action  
    state (this color legend applies to both the graph and the actions list below)

6. A dropdown menu allowing you to choose what action state data you want to see;
    the chart, metrics, and actions list will immediately update when a state in the
    dropdown is chosen to provide data only in that state (eg. active actions only)

7. Search Actions allows you to search actions by keyword. You can search action
    keywords, opportunity names, etc. to display only specific data; the chart, metrics
    and actions list will immediately update when a search is populated

8. A list of the individual's actions matching the chosen filter from the dropdown
    menu and/or search bar; the list immediately updates to reflect any filter

9. To the right of an action you will see a circled set of initials, this allows you to see
    to whom the task has been assigned as the task could be assigned to more than
    just the selected individual

Click on any action listed to see its details:

For more information click on Actions or Instant Actions.

If you run into any issues, please contact support.

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