Go to Movement by clicking here or click on Movement to display your Pipeline's Movement View.  If you do not see this option or the link does not work, please contact your admin or support to update your permissions.

In this view you can see:

  1. Time frame toggle which allows you to choose a viewing period of one week (1W), one month (1M), three months (3M), six months (6M) or one year (1Y). Clicking on your desired time frame will immediately update the data in the movement graph.
  2. Start and through dates of the displayed timeline and the total amounts for those dates. (Note: you can adjust the through date after establishing your time frame.)
  3. Percentage of change in the pipeline in the time period, including a total dollar amount of opportunities that had no movement ,or didn't change stage, over the time period. 
  4. Movement graph depicting changes in your timeline over the time period. See graph description below.

Movement Graph

The graph illustrates change in your Pipeline within the time period. It provides a beginning and ending Pipeline total, itemized totals for Closed Lost, Closed Won, Push/Pulled In Closed Dates and New Pipeline. Labels and itemized totals are displayed over their corresponding bar. 

White bars: Pipeline total

The white bar on left represents the Pipeline total at the start of the period and the white bar on the the right represents the total at the end of the period. The corresponding beginning and ending dates and totals are displayed above the graph. 

Gray bars: Push/Pull In Close Dates 

Push and Pulled in Close Dates both exist in the gray bar but will be differentiated by a yellow vertical line (Push Close) and green vertical line (Pulled In) and will each display their individual totals. Both will remain in the Pipeline total.

Red bars: Closed Lost 

Red bars represent Closed Lost over the time period and the Closed Lost total will be deducted from the end of period Pipeline total. The red vertical bar on the right of the Closed Lost flow represents the total amount removed from the Pipeline total. 

Yellow bars: Decreased Amounts
Yellow bars represent opportunities that had an amount decrease within the period, the amount by which the opportunity(s) decreased is removed from the end of period total. 

Green bars: Closed  Won & New Pipeline
Green bars represent Closed Won over the time period and New Pipeline but will begin and end differently.

The Closed Won total is included in the beginning total and will end with a vertical green line on the right indicating it is not longer included in the Pipeline total after it was Closed Won. 

The New Pipeline total begins with a vertical green bar indicating it was not included in the beginning Pipeline total and ends within the white bar on the right, meaning it has now been included in the end of time period Pipeline total.

Drill Down on Movement Data

Find more detailed Movement data by filtering by opportunity type or reflecting current or new reports. 

Opportunity Filter by Type

Clicking on a bar will filter your opportunity list below the graph to only list opportunities of that type. Below, we clicked on Closed Lost and the Opportunity list filtered out the 19 Closed Lost opportunities in the period. 

Filter Sets

Click on Filters to view movement within an existing filter sets or build a new one! To learn more about creating and understanding filter sets, click here

Single Click Access from Movement Pipeline

Your list of opportunities will remain visible and accessible below the movement graph, with a single click you can access full opportunity view, details, action metrics and instant actions for individual opportunities. 

Opportunity Details

You can click directly on an opportunity Name to open the individual opportunity in full view, or click in the opportunity icon (to the left of the opportunity name) to display a details drawer on the right of your screen with the opportunity's details, contacts, timeline and activity as you see below. You can close the details drawer and return to the full list or click on another opportunity icon to continue inspection. 

Action Metrics and Instant Actions

One-click access to Action Metrics and Instant Actions is available across the platform, you'll see both icons next to each opportunity in your Pipeline Movement list. The teal dot on the action metrics indicates that there is currently an active action for that opportunity that requires attention.

For more information click on Actions or Instant Actions.

If you run into any issues, please contact support.

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