Go to Activity by clicking here or click on Activity to display your Pipeline's Activity View.  If you do not see this option or the link does not work, please contact your admin or support to update your permissions.

In this view you can see:

  1. Individual activity percentages 
  2. Stacked bar charts displaying daily total and individual activities 
  3. A time period toggle allowing you to choose to display one week or one month of activity metrics
  4. Total number of activities
  5. Total activity change percentage from the previous period

Hover over a column in the bar chart for an itemized breakdown of individual activities such as meetings, emails, notes, etc. for that day. 

Did you know you can further customize the activity metrics displayed? 

To change which individual activity metrics are included, click on an individual or multiple activity pills to show/hide their data. Totals, amounts and the bar chart will adjust immediately. 

You can also click on Reports to view metrics within an existing report or build a new one! To learn more about creating and understanding reports, click here

Single Click Access from Activity Pipeline

Your list of opportunities will remain visible and accessible below the activity metrics, with a single click you can access full opportunity view, details, action metrics and instant actions for individual opportunities. 

Opportunity Details

You can click directly on an opportunity Name to open the individual opportunity in full view, or click in the opportunity icon (to the left of the opportunity name) as you see below to display a details drawer on the right of your screen with the opportunity's details, contacts, timeline and activity. You can close the details drawer and return to the full list or click on another opportunity icon to continue inspection. 

Action Metrics and Instant Actions

One-click access to Action Metrics and Instant Actions is available across the platform, you'll see both icons next to each opportunity in your Pipeline Activity list. The teal dot on the action metrics indicates that there is currently an active action for that opportunity that requires attention.

For more information click on Actions or Instant Actions.

If you run into any issues, please contact support.

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