When developing new actions, or making changes to existing actions, it's important to ensure you have everything working and looking correct.

The InsightSquared Revenue Intelligence Platform provides the ability to "preview" any action at any time, even if edits have not been saved.

For any data-driven action (not instant actions) - click the "preview" tab

The preview tab will show a list of matching objects (opportunities/accounts) that this action *would* fire against if the action was enabled.

Click any of the matching objects to generate an action using the current settings.  It will produce a matching action:

Click on the action (which is a preview of what would show in the actions feed) to see the rendered action detail view.  The full form that would be presented to a user will render for that given opportunity. 

If you need to make edits, return to the "action prompt", make your edits, and preview again. 

When you are done making your edits, click "save" to persist all the changes you made.   As the system generates actions, they will match the preview.

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