IS2 Platform Visualforce Pages that can be embedded as Salesforce tabs:

Actions Feed 

VisualForce Page Name: Actions Feed (olono_insights.Actions_Feed)

List of the IS2 Next Best Actions for a team member or the entire team.

Leads Activity Reporting

VisualForce Page Name: Lead Activity (olono_insights.Lead_Activity)

Reporting and graphing for activity related leads.

Contacts Activity Reporting

VisualForce Page Name: Contact Activity (olono_insights.Contact_Activity)

Reporting and graphing for activity related contacts.

Account Intelligence

VisualForce Page Name: Account Activity (olono_insights.Account_Activity)

Reporting and graphing for activity related to accounts.

People (User) Activity Reporting

VisualForce Page Name: People Activity (olono_insights.People_Activity)

Reporting and graphing for activity related to reps and managers.


VisualForce Page Name: Opportunity Activity (olono_insights.Pipeline)

Overview of your opportunity pipeline with interactive filters and instant actions.


VisualForce Page Name: Dashboard (Insights) (olono_insights.insightsquared_insights_dashboard)

Create & inspect custom dashboards that illustrate various datasets and visualizations in one place.


VisualForce Page Name: Reports (olono_insights.Reports)

Quickly & easily discover both existing and out of the box reports.

Forecast Submission

VisualForce Page Name: Forecast Submission (olono_insights.Forecast_Submission)

Determine predictability in producing flexible monthly and quarterly forecasts based on customized categories and business segments.

Search Everything

VisualForce Page Name: Search Everything (olono_insights.Search_Everything)

Enterprise-wide search. 

Getting Started

1. Creating a new Tab in Salesforce

 a) Navigate to Set up (gearshift icon) > Tabs

b) Click New in the Visualforce Tabs section

c) Choose the Tab Label, Tab Name and Tab Style you want to embed, and click next

d) Add the tabs to the profiles you want to view in this tab

2. Creating or adding to the tab to a permission set

a) Navigate to Setup > Permission Sets

b) Add to an existing permission set or create a new one by clicking New

c) Populate the new permission set with your desired name (Label) and License level

d) Update the Visualforce Page Access by selecting a Permission Set Label to open,

then clicking Visual Page Access it in the Apps section of the permission set

e) Click Edit

f) Add the desired Visualforce Page to the enabled pages

g) Save your changes.

3. Adding Profiles and Permission Sets to the Connected App 

a) Navigate to Manage Connected Apps from Salesforce Setup and select a Master

Label from the list

b) Scroll down to find the Permission Sets section and click Manage Permission Sets

c) Select your new (or existing) permission set and Save your changes

Your tab should now be active. 

If you run into any issues, please contact support.

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