Available InsightSquared Lightning Record Visualforce Pages:

IS2 Platform Details

IS2 Platform Details view with tabs to show related content and all activity associated with the record.  Available for opportunities, accounts, contacts, leads, and user pages.

Engagement Graph

An Engagement Graph showing the inbound and outbound communication between the given record and internal stakeholders. For accounts, contacts, and lead pages use the Visualforce Page "InsightSquared Engagement". For opportunities, use the Visualforce Page "InsightSquared Opportunity Engagement".

Perfect Memory

Never lose track of the context of a deal with InsightSquared Perfect Memory.  Emails, meetings, calls, and related content in one place even if they are no in salesforce themselves.

Getting Started

1. Set Up

a) From Salesforce, navigate to the Set up > Object Manager screen

b) Select the record type you are adding to, then select Lightning Record Pages

c) Select an existing page layout or create a new one

2. Inserting the IS2 Visualforce page on the record layout

a) Select the Visualforce item when inserting (1)

b) Select the desired IS2 Visualforce Page from the dropdown (2)

c) Set the desired dimensions of the component (3)

3. Save your changes.

If this layout is already the team default and properly provisioned you can skip to the next step! If not, follow along to deploy this page to your users.

a) After saving, click the Activate button in the popup

b) Assign the layout to the appropriate users or as the org default

4. Creating the Visualforce Page Permissions

a) Navigate to Permission Sets in Salesforce Setup

b) Add to an existing permission set or create a new one by clicking New

c) Populate the new permission set with your desired name (Label) and License level

d) Click Save

e) Update by clicking it in the Apps section of the permission set and selecting Visualforce Page Access

f) Click Edit

g) Add the desired Visualforce Page to the enabled pages

h) Save your changes

5. Adding Profiles and Permission Sets to the Connected App

a) Navigate to Manage Connected Apps from Salesforce Setup and click Manage on InsightSquared from the dropdown

b) Click Manage Permission Sets

c) Select your new (or existing) permission set and Save your changes

d) Navigate to the updated record type and your changes should be reflected

If you run into any issues, please contact support.

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