The InsightSquared Revenue Intelligence Platform allows the creation of picklists for population into actions.  This means we can do things like:

  • Copy pick-lists from Salesforce (like industry or type)
  • Provide convenient selectors for common values (primary SE, MDR, Partner.. etc)

Here's how to configure pick-lists

1. Select a property, and then generate a picklist

Note: Make sure you select the property to use for the picklist!

2. Is this picklist dependent?   If so, select "filtered by" and pick a property

The IS2 Platform will now create a dependent picklist in the action form, and keep the action form up to date. 

3. Default Value: If you want to have the pick-list default to a specific value enter it here.  You can "pre-populate" or hard-code it using an API name.

Now the picklist will be generated for the action!  It will look like this: 

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