The InsightSquared Platform provides a very flexible action framework, allowing you to automate almost any step in your customer facing processes.  In order to automate these steps, it's important to use the right "template" so you can prompt for what you want. 

Here's a list of available triggers, and the corresponding template:

"Before meeting trigger" (prep for a meeting)

You can use this trigger to create any "before meeting" action.  

Examples of this trigger in use:

  • Demo prep checklist
  • Email meeting confirmation to attendees
  • Agenda creation
  • Reminder to schedule an internal prep call

"After meeting trigger" (meeting notes)

You can use this trigger to create any "after meeting" action. 

Examples of this trigger in use:

  • "How did your meeting go?"
  • Email Followup summary
  • Collateral leave-behind reminders
  • Opportunity close plan/pain point updates

"Generic Opportunity Account"

You can use this trigger to create any opportunity or account-centric action, with aggregate metrics around certain activity:

  • Last CRM Update Date (the last time this record, or any related record in the CRM was updated)
  • Last Touch Date (the last time there was customer facing communication detected such as calls, emails, meetings)
  • Last Meeting Date
  • Next Meeting Date
  • Last Modified Date for Property XXX (enable track changes)
  • Date Entered Stage
  • Activity Total
  • First Meeting Date

Examples of this trigger in use:

Manager Alert - inspect Opportunity Business Pain for opportunities that entered stage two in the last three days

No Next Meeting scheduled for opportunities in negotiation
Remind Rep to Update MEDDIC for stage 2

Cadence Reminder - engage with customer every 14 days

Stale record alert - no updates to CRM in last 45 days

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