The InsightSquared Revenue Intelligence Platform dynamically calculates what content each user should be able to access using three kinds of authorization.  

  • ABAC Authorization (I can view content I am authorized to view)
  • Activity Based Authorization (I can view my own content)
  • Team Authorization (I can view the same content as the rest of my team)

This document is about ABAC Authorization.

The IS2 Platform's Authorization Model protects key records from Salesforce within IS2:

  • Accounts
  • Opportunities
  • Contacts
  • Leads

The IS2 Platform manages authorized content with Groups

Each group provides out of the box authorization for things like:
Opportunity Owners and Managers
Account Owners and Managers
Contact Owners and Managers
Lead Owners and Managers
Opportunity Team Members
Account Team Members

It's also possible to configure authorization using Salesforce property values:

Territories or Geographies
Other sales participants (ISR's, BDR's, Sales Engineers, ..etc)

Edit "Salesforce User Matches Opportunity" and "Salesforce User Matches Account"
IS2 will compare two properties (one from the user, one from the opportunity or account) to determine authorization.  Please contact support if you have difficulty with this feature.

What if I just want to give someone visibility, but they don't have a Salesforce Account?

You can do that too!  Edit "Salesforce Opportunity By Type" and "Salesforce Account by Type" 

Step 1) Build a content filter for what you want to grant visibility to

Step 2) Assign Membership by Email

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