The InsightSquared Revenue Intelligence Platform allows you to configure which users get access to which features.  This can allow you to provide reporting for admins and managers while focusing the rep experience on actions, a common choice.

Here's how to set things up:

First, go to your team profile in the left menu

Now, navigate to "groups" in the upper right, here's your list of groups, they provide authorization controls for the IS2 Platform

Select a group:  Ex. Salesforce Opportunity Owner > Click on "Feature Access"

Once you view "Feature Access" you now can grant specific features to that group. All features granted are additive.  This means that any features a user is granted through any group are given to them.  All IS2 Platform users are granted the action feed and search by default.

Users will need to refresh their browsers to take advantage of granted/revoked features.  

To verify the new settings, go to the "User Management" panel

Click on a user to verify their currently granted features:

 Please note, since features are additive per group, you may need to modify several groups to remove a specific feature, please contact support for assistance if you have trouble with this step. 

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