The below list includes a set best practices of the InsightSquared Platform's Actions, collected from our network of customers, and recommended to you. These include auto reminders and missing information alerts for Managers and Sales Reps, designed to improve CRM data, reduce manual data entry, and recommend sales best practices. This list serves as a starting point for our customers—it does not represent all possible actions.  

Best Practice - Don’t make reps look for key documents in your sales process

  • Prompt the rep with an NDA template when appropriate
  • Prompt the rep with the Order Form when appropriate
  • Prompt the rep with the Price Sheet when appropriate
  • Prompt the rep for key collateral (marketing / white papers...etc)

Best Practice - Don't expect your reps to memorize entry and exit criteria

  • Capture Opportunity Contact Roles
  • Capture business pain, initiatives, decision making process...etc

Best Practice  - Automate Core Data Entry

  • Automatic Contact creation for Accounts
  • Automatic Email and Meeting activity as Tasks to Salesforce
  • Identify Key roles
  • Identify Leads that map to existing Accounts and Opportunities and convert them to Contacts

Best Practice - Basic Engagement Cadence Alerts - You don’t close deals where you aren’t talking to customers

  • Prompt the rep if the Opportunity has gone quiet
  • Prompt the manager if the Opportunity has gone REALLY quiet, and it’s forecasted
  • Prompt the rep if a target Account with no Opportunities is being ignored (whitespace farming)
  • Prompt the manager if there are no scheduled meetings for late stage deals in Commit forecast category

Best Practice - Stalled Opportunities or Activity Alerts (key leading indicators of future loss)

  • Alert a manager to a new stalled Opportunity (Opportunities close at a much lower rate when they stall)
  • Alert a manager to Opportunities without enough overall activity (tied to win rates)

Best Practice - Automate post win/loss checklists to improve process adoption

  • Look at steps you expect reps to take post win and post-loss and create prompts
  • Loss notes  “Why did you lose this deal?”
  • Win notes “Why did you win this deal?”
  • Win thank you “Thank you for helping me win this deal?”
  • Renewal Opportunity creation
  • Account Handoff / Transition Tasks
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