JIRA Configuration

  1. Go to Settings (gear shift icon) and select Products

2. Enter:  https://YOURCUSTOMERNAME.insightsquared.com

3. Set the application name to "IS2 Platform"  

4. Click on Incoming Authentication then copy the public key below and paste into the Public Key

Copy this public key:

---------- Public Key Start ----------
---------- Public Key End ----------

5. Set the callback URL by entering:

6. Click Save

You should now have a configured application link for IS2 Platform.

Olono Configuration Steps:

Now that you have the JIRA application link configured, you can connect. 

  1. From your left nav, select Applications

2. Search for atlassian.net and click the Atlassian icon

3. Enable the Atlassian app

a. Set your Host URL (this is your JIRA domain url)

b. Check Poll Primary Integration Only

c. Click Enable

4. Once you've enabled - click activate to start collecting data!

If you run into issues, please contact support.

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